Sunday, January 31, 2010


photos: 1. 2. 3.

i feel like those photos. i'm so glad i survived last week. it was the first week of school. i was a very busy lady! i had to add two classes, write two essays for my graduate school application, get forms signed, & see an advisor for graduating. i'm so excited about graduating in may : )

i spent some of the afternoon putting some packages together to get into the mail. i love getting mail together for some of you around the world!

ben zen posted this music video on his blog & i fell in love with it.

dandelionkisses: isn't she talented?! i'm so happy i won : ) thanks for the award hun! i'll post about it soon.
sarah: thanks : )
jordanwilliams: welcome!
ben zen: thank you! i know! her work is so good.
mandy: yes! i was lucky enough to find it at a thrift store. & it's scented! & maddy is so skilled : )
perfectly placed pauline: awe, thanks! i love the floral pattern too. i think the paper is vintage. i found it while thrifting.
petunia: awe. i'm so glad! you are very welcome : )
aren: hello! yes, getting packages & any mail is fabulous! ooo! post what you create : )

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


petunia had her birthday on monday! i made her this book complete with a pocket : )also, back in november i won a giveaway of art work by madelynn holmes on her blog! the art work just arrived & i love it! she even sent stickers of her art work too! thanks maddy : )
sorry i haven't been blogging regularly. i've just been pretty busy getting ready for school & everything together for graduation in may. also i have a few essays to write this week for my graduate school application. sometimes i'm too much of a procrastinator....not good!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


i am so completely exhausted from the first day back at school. just thought i'd share.

coming up: things in the mail & handmade things : )

photo from here


amy: woa! a tornado warning! how interesting : ) yeah i love your idea of waking up to rain on the window & staying home all day in pjs & drinking tea! also, how nice of you! i'll email you soon!

dandelionkisses: of course! oh & isn't the video awesome? lol i have so many more that i love... oh! & the link was so cute! i want to make creatures like that!

kait: that's an awesome concept of all of us sharing the same skies : ) haha, that's a funny nerd story. & i seriously know what you mean about school & blogging! it's happening to me now.... :/

brit: me too! but with larger beads : )

inside the cabinet of wonder: haha. yeah the polaroid...i think i look scary in it! rain is definitely magic : )

annette: hello & thank you!

earth: hello! awe, but the rain is so beautiful!

.naa.: yes yes! completely : )

perfectly placed pauline: oh good! i'm so happy you like it : ) yes, i use to collect stamps when i was younger, so i still have a soft spot for them.

danica: yes! i love getting mail. also, it seems a lot of people wish it was raining. i think i've been having enough rain for all of them!

ggbbgg121: hello! i'm sorry, but i'm not sure what you were saying... :/

Thursday, January 21, 2010

rainy days

it's been raining everyday & all day this week. i really like it. i eat ice cream & watch the rain hit the window. it's my tradition : )
i've been staying inside watching american dreams (starting it for the first time here). i really like the show! i've also been watching fanny och alexander. i'm not finished with it yet because it's five hours long.
lately i've been enjoying legend of the seeker fanvids on youtube like this one : ) aaahhh i'm such a nerd.
i got a letter from wendy in the mail today. she sent me all kinds of cute things including little beaded animals. so cute! thanks wendy : )


dandelionkisses: thanks wendy : ) he's a friend who has a blog too.

brit: me too! she is very talented.

linda: yes, very very : )

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a to z

raquel bought me this zine by dawn of handmade love for my birthday. it just recently arrived in the mail. i love it! it's so cute : ) thanks raquel! dawn has a bunch of neat things for sale in her store. check it out! she has cute gifts for valentine's day too : )


dandelionkisses: yes! please do. jordan would like the recipe : )

holly: thanks! i'm glad you like it. i try to make it kind of match my blog : )

coleandjosephine: i know! some of my friends wanted to break them when we were finished, but i said we should leave them for others to enjoy!

amy: i want to go back! it was so much fun.

mieke willems: the ice cream parlor would be a cute place for a date : ) & i can't wait to try out the camera!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


i'm back from my second little trip! it was a lot of fun! a group of friends & i went camping for petunia's birthday. on the way home we stopped at a cute ice cream parlor. i just loved the pink & white everywhere.we also stopped at a science museum on the top of a city. we spent the whole time in just one exhibit where we played with blocks! it sounds silly, but it was so much fun! we made a little city, complete with a skyscraper, boat, bridges, & other "architectural" designs : )this is one that i did.

i thought it was pretty impressive : )


dandelionkisses: miss you too! hey can you email me your vegan pesto recipe? thanks : )

hearblack: thanks! i'm really happy with them. & i can't wait to see how the photos i take turn out.

amy: oh yes, vegetarian places are hard to find, but when you do, it is so worth the searching!

jordanwilliams: as soon as wendy emails it to me i'll get it to you!

kait: aww. thanks, you always make me smile! i love trader joe's too! that would be such a neat place to work. i hope you get the job.

inside the cabinet of wonder: ooo! a diana mini?! how cool! be sure to post some of your photos when they get developed too. i hope mine turn out!

brit: i love buttons too, but i don't sew as much as i would like to, so i'm not sure what to do with the ones that i have either. (the meatball sandwich was the best!)

Friday, January 15, 2010

visiting wendy days 3, 4, & 5

well, i am back home from visiting wendy now. i was so busy the last few days that i didn't have time to post. so, now you have this one l o n g post....with a lot of photos : )
these are just a few of our adventures in no particular order:wendy & i went for lunch at the pneumatic diner which provides a fully vegetarian, organic, & vegan menu. it was delicious as always. the tiny diner has the coolest atmosphere to it. i just love how it looks inside.i had the meatball sandwich & wendy had ratatouille with rice. we shared a vegan chocolate chip & peanut butter cookie.we went shopping a lot. we mostly went to antique & thrift stores because it is what we both love.i bought some pretty paper, vintage buttons, & an old camera!isn't it pretty? i am so excited to use it.i also bought some 120 film for my diana f+ lomo camera. i used it for the first time & took photos of wendy. i'm a bit nervous to see how they turned out.wendy & i wend shopping at trader joe's for ingredients for pizza. we picked up some other things as well like some roasted seaweed. it was so good! when we got home from grocery shopping, wendy went to work making some amazing pesto pizza. she made dough from scratch & even made vegan pesto sauce. it was so delicious.

wow! that was a long post. i hope you made it this far! & surprisingly i am off on another trip for the weekend later today. have a fabulous weekend!


amy: i know! sometimes i feel i put too many food photos up, but it looks so good that i want to share it with somebody!

jennifer: oh good! i'm so happy you like it! i had fun making it. & when i saw that "make tea & not war" sticker, i immediately thought of you!

inside the cabinet of wonder: haha i thought you would like those blood drops! hehe.

annette: hello! yes! i am still in shock of the great deal : ) for the guacamole, i just add salt, garlic powder, & onion powder to mashed avocado to taste. it always works.