Friday, January 1, 2010


what are you going to call the new year? twenty-ten? two thousand ten? i think i like twenty-ten because it's less words & easier to say.
new years day has been really nice. my mom surprised my sister & i & wendy with new year gifts! isn't the wrapping simple & cute? she's so creative : )
i had lucky ham (veggie) with onions for breakfast. sooo yummy! (you can see some of the friendship bracelets i made yesterday in the photo)
later i'm going for coffee with hannah & lizzie & our families for our new year's day tradition. tomorrow my sister is leaving to go back to her university. i'll miss her :/

finally, the giveaway winner!

it is....

thank you to everyone for participating!!
happy new year to everyone!


  1. Happy New Year Lina! Wishing you all the happiness and wonderful goodness life has to offer in 2010! :)

  2. Lina I want to hire you as my healthy personal chef. Every time you post food photos I began drooling on my keyboard.

    How sweet of your mom-I love the wrapping. Very simple yet wonderful.

    I admire your handwriting. My penmanship is only swell when I take my time which is rare. It ends up being chicken scratch most of the time to the point I can't even read my thoughts later.

    Happy twenty-ten. It does roll nicely ; )

  3. I like saying "oh-ten"
    makes my friend so mad! LOL

  4. Happy New Year darling ! I tried leaving you several comments on your blog but it looks like none of them went through ): hopefully this one gets to you ! Hope you had an awesome Christmas also - All your pressies look like so much fun ! Eep !


  5. Lina, I need your helpp~
    For christmas, I got a $50 to but
    I've never shopped there so I'm a bit lost. Any suggestions? 8D

  6. A Happy New Year to you (I am calling it twenty ten also)!!
    Haven't checked my Google reader since Christmastime so only just saw your delightful giveaway! Oh well - have a great year. ^__^

  7. I've been calling it twenty-ten as well. :)

  8. wow, I won :) yippeeee!!! Thank you so much I will email you right now ;) Sooooo nice of you to have a giveaway! happy new year!


  9. hey thanks for your comment
    i hope you had a nice christmas/nye!