Thursday, January 21, 2010

rainy days

it's been raining everyday & all day this week. i really like it. i eat ice cream & watch the rain hit the window. it's my tradition : )
i've been staying inside watching american dreams (starting it for the first time here). i really like the show! i've also been watching fanny och alexander. i'm not finished with it yet because it's five hours long.
lately i've been enjoying legend of the seeker fanvids on youtube like this one : ) aaahhh i'm such a nerd.
i got a letter from wendy in the mail today. she sent me all kinds of cute things including little beaded animals. so cute! thanks wendy : )


dandelionkisses: thanks wendy : ) he's a friend who has a blog too.

brit: me too! she is very talented.

linda: yes, very very : )


  1. Awww. I love the bee!

    The rain is wonderful! We're getting it full-on here in Az. Even a tornado warning o.o
    It was great waking up to the sound f rain on my window. I even stayed home all day in my Pj's and sipped tea. Perfect. <3

  2. Awww you posted about my letter :) I loved the LOTS video! Omigoodess.

  3. Me, you, and Amy seem to be appreciating the grey skies. It's a nice thought to think it's raining over all of us : )

    Nerd power! I was telling this boy in my design class about a Harry Potter joke I heard and I began chuckling so hard at the joke it lost it's funniness. He still laughed because I am so awkward. Nerdy interests are the best!

    I've been catching up on your posts (school is cramping my blogging!) but I la-la-love the illustrated zine you received and you camping trip looked wonderful.

    Hope these words find you happy and well : )

  4. Oooh those are fun, I remember making those when I was little!! :-)

  5. oh i love the polaroid. fab.
    such cute mail!--the bead little creatures are great!
    its been rainning here lots too, at work today i went outside to sort out the mannequins in the front of the shop and ended up staring at the rain through the window for quite a while, and i even forgot where i was. it was magic.
    peace and love lina! xx

  6. hey congrats lina, you won the PRU vintage jacket giveaway on my blog! I'll be emailing you soon to get your address and then I can send it to you. Congrats again!

  7. Yes it was watercolor :) Neat you won a jacket! Hehehe :P

  8. i wish i could enjoy rainy day like you.
    rainy day often be my bad day.
    i get sad easily, or i just spend that whole day sleeping and watching TV. and do nothing make my life worthy.
    and today is that day. have a nice day Lina:)

    ps.i'm from far far away land.

  9. Oh you've got some nice things in the mailbox too I see. :) Jupp, I really is great! :)

    I think you will LOVE these! I do :)

  11. Hi there! The best suprise ever came whne I visited my parents house. My younger sister keeps my mail and she handed me your letter! I love it. It is so sweet. You are a very kind and sweet person. I love the friendship bracelet. Words can't describe how happy I am. I am in the process of making you a little somethin-somethin'...

    did you used to collect stamps?

  12. lovely post! i would love to have some rainy days here.

  13. p.s. i have something to mail you :)
    so email me your address dear!