Saturday, January 9, 2010


these are just a few photos from the past two weeks.
i've been getting up early (6:30am) to go walking with jubilee. it's been quite cold & foggy lately!
i just started to watch mad men. i love my new "on demand" from comcast! (ew that sounded like a commercial) anyways, i really like all of the clothes they wear. lovely really.
tomorrow early morning, i am leaving to visit wendy for about five days. a little trip before i have to go back to school (which is on the 26th!). i will bring my laptop & most likely blog a few times on my trip : )
happy weekend!
the best ice cream & candy store in town:


jordan williams: yes, all veggie. wow, it's so close!

dandelionkisses: i'm glad you decided to post your photos too : ) & i am so happy you got & like my letter! i'll bring the book for sure!

ana: ooo! you have old photos in your thrift stores? i only find mine at antique stores. nice to have more places to find them! also, i never really thought about collecting old postcards....hmm something to consider!

amy: yes! you simply must see it! it's one of the best in my opinion. your gonna love it : )

sarah: oh yes, i know what you mean! haha. i've heard it's because they had to stay in one position so long for the photo to finish being taken that they didn't want to strain their faces or something!

suzannah: hello! yes they are, thank you! if you do, you should post about it :o)

nw: hello! & thank you very much!


  1. beautiful!!
    have a lovely time! i look forward to your fun filled posts! :D

  2. yay for yellow rooms! :D lovely lovely blog ♥

  3. that makes me want to take hoot for a walk :)
    mmmm, and the candy store sounds good!

  4. I love your photos, and the words of your adventures.

    Nice blog!
    Have a great week


  5. i love the window picture, and hurray for chocolate :D

    our thrift stores don't have old photos, to my knowledge :( i wish they did!

  6. juuuust found your blog
    diggin it babe,
    much love.


  7. I love walking early in the morning when my neighborhood is still. It starts your day off in the right mindset I feel.

    That candy looks delicious. Always making me hungry! ; )

    You have had some great thrifting excursions lately! (I always catch up on previous posts!)

    Beautiful photographs but I wouldn't expect anything different!