Sunday, January 31, 2010


photos: 1. 2. 3.

i feel like those photos. i'm so glad i survived last week. it was the first week of school. i was a very busy lady! i had to add two classes, write two essays for my graduate school application, get forms signed, & see an advisor for graduating. i'm so excited about graduating in may : )

i spent some of the afternoon putting some packages together to get into the mail. i love getting mail together for some of you around the world!

ben zen posted this music video on his blog & i fell in love with it.

dandelionkisses: isn't she talented?! i'm so happy i won : ) thanks for the award hun! i'll post about it soon.
sarah: thanks : )
jordanwilliams: welcome!
ben zen: thank you! i know! her work is so good.
mandy: yes! i was lucky enough to find it at a thrift store. & it's scented! & maddy is so skilled : )
perfectly placed pauline: awe, thanks! i love the floral pattern too. i think the paper is vintage. i found it while thrifting.
petunia: awe. i'm so glad! you are very welcome : )
aren: hello! yes, getting packages & any mail is fabulous! ooo! post what you create : )


  1. Oh! I love the video! It's amazingness. LOVE her umbrella and boots :) New fashion inspiration, more red!

  2. I had a very stressful week too. I dropped a class though : / The instructor was insane. Luckily that's the benefit of college you can take a course again with someone else. Congrats on being so close to graduation. What a milestone Lina : ) Good luck on all those grad school apps any school would be lucky to have a smarty like you in their midst!

  3. feist started playing when i came to you blog. this made my night :)

  4. Really like the sense of freedom from these images!

    Congrats on graduating :)

  5. Yeah I sooo love it :) Sure you don't have to lol I just needed to list 7 people.