Tuesday, November 30, 2010

day in the woods

wow! it's about time i posted again. but i think i needed a short break from blogger. i also thought i should blog again before december starts. wait - december?! i can't believe it. & i also can't believe i only have a week & a half more of my first semester of grad school. yikes.

so my thanksgiving was quite lovely. lots & lots of good food! & lots of family & love. everyone loved my roasted red potatoes : )

i went exploring in the forest this weekend : ) this is what i found:tomorrow i'm off to the post office & i think i'm going to make some yellow split pea soup. hope you are happy!
linda: yes, try it & tell me how you like the potatoes! the challenge looks enticing! i'll have to think about it. thanks for thinking of me : )
natalie: thanks natalie! hope yours was happy too : )
shelbyisms: for sure! i love recipe posts too. & you are so adorable! i am flattered that you are going to frame the wrappings. hehe. it's actually quite a creative idea! i rather like it... : )
mlle.emma: thanks emma! cheers to you : )
amy: thank you! the potatoes were a hit!
brit: hi hi! yes, you must! it's actually quite good. & i like it because it's very simple.
carissa clark: hi! i'm happy thanks : ) missed your blog updates! (i have to comment on your new one!) & i was inspired by you & alexia using castledoor lyrics as titles & decided to give it a go too : )
raina: hello! why thank you! i'll be sure to check out your blog : )
bigbang studio: hello! wow! that is so amazing! thanks for visiting my blog : )

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

we'll make some babies & teach them how to love

thanksgiving is tomorrow & it's all about love & happiness & family! oh & of course about thanks : ). i've been busy today cleaning the house for the feast we will be having. i am in charge of making the roasted red potatoes & vegetarian gravy. that red potato recipe is amazing & i highly recommend it! & i just found that gravy recipe & tested it out yesterday. i would change the two tablespoons of soy sauce to only one tablespoon - it's pretty salty! hope you americans out there have a happy one : ) & you all have a happy thursday!
photo from here
natalie: thanks! i love how you can make envelopes out of practically any paper. recycling!
mandy: hello! me too : )
dandelionkisses: hehe. i know! i'm proud of my posting too.
damaris @kitchen corners: hello! i'm happy to share! sounds like a perfect idea you have : )
amy: love vintage maps all around. ohhh ok, i get emails from uo too, but i didn't get that email for some reason... :/
giulia sagramola: hello! why thank you!! : )

Sunday, November 21, 2010

vintage maps

i've been working on new things for my shop today. i made these envelopes from vintage maps. i have posted some of them along with diy collage kits & some other things. hope your weekend was good!


amy: wow!! where did you hear about the uo 50% off sale?? i need to go.

ilona niemi: hello! why thank you : ) i hope come by again soon!

allison: your name just had the lucky paper : ) it should be in the mail tomorrow! & i'm excited to see the photos you post about it.

cher ami: hello! fellow bay area girl (at heart)? nice!

hiven: hello! felix is happy to hear that : )

Friday, November 19, 2010


congratulations to allison for winning the wendy helene giveaway! thank you for all of your encouraging words about wendy's work & thanks for entering! if you didn't win the dream catcher, there are plenty looking for a home above a bed in her shop!

i'm home at my parents for the thanksgiving break now. felix & i made the trip safely on the train (yes, i brought my fish with me to mom & papi's). now i have to clean my room out. they've been using it as storage...& now my sister & i will have to sleep in it...somewhere...haha.

photo from here

from here, we can do anything

card made here

i'm on the train going home right now & when i get home i will chose a winner for the giveaway!
allsion: felix is flattered you think so : )
kassandrah: hello! oh really?? neat! what is your fish's name?
natalie: i love his colors too. i don't think i've ever seen a beta with the colors he has. hope your thanksgiving is wonderful!
amy: what a nice tradition! my family always wakes up at 4am to go black friday shopping. every year i think why do i do this?! oh right, $3 movies, that's why. a downtown adventure sounds good! blog about it : ) i was thinking of getting a goldfish as well, but i hear they are really dirty...so you have to clean the tank often. but get one! & then felix & it can be friends : )
inside the cabinet of wonder: yup it should be. i told lydia that i was expecting something coming so she can keep an eye out for it. you are so right that the gift & the friend are lovely :)) & i'll check about the zine when i get home for sure & let you know.
cassidy: hello! mine has just started!! & i am stoked.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

fall & felix

i am so happy fall is here! & thanksgiving is in exactly a week. & i get to finally see my sister tomorrow because of thanksgiving break & all of the students are journeying back to the parents home for the holiday : ) makes me happy.
another thing that makes me happy is the first birthday gift i got this year. about a week ago on friday, vaine & i went to breakfast with hot chocolate & coffee. then, we set off on an expedition to find the perfect beta fish, his gift to me. we stopped at ross & bought a jar for a fish home & then proceeded to a few pet shops. we finally found the right one & vaine bought one for himself too (called mr. blue). i would like to introduce you to felix my new fish! i love his pink bottom fins! (you can't really tell that they are pink in the photo though...)
i am heading home tomorrow for a week of holiday break. so happy. can't wait for some really good food!
p.s. the giveaway ends tomorrow! be sure to enter!
amy: oh! maybe at a zine or independent publishing company? or you can buy it on amazon : )
dandelionkisses: awwe hehe ok : ) yes! already, can't wait!
mckenzie mullen: hello! haha! really?? nice. it's a really great store! i wanted to buy some zines, but there were to many to choose from. haha. & they have really cute hair pins & nice wallets. aahhh, i have to go back.
elle: hello! i love the art on the planner. it is usually $16 but i found it for 1/3 of that price!
mlle.emma: oh thank you!! it was very wonderful : )
inside the cabinet of wonder: aww thank you nicola! ooo! a birthday package in the mail?! i can't wait!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

birthday goodies

here are the goodies i bought on my birthday excursion! japanese masking tape from gravel & gold little otsu annual weekly planner alpine songs from anthropologie postalco notebook from gravel & gold sarah mcneil postcard from rare device make your place: affordable, sustainable nesting skills from needles & pens


pauline: thank you pauline! it was loads of fun : )

linda: thanks linda!! the cake is actually a secret family recipe of poppy seed cake.

natalie: thanks natalie! it was for sure. i loved all of the little shops i went to. yay for another year!

dandelionkisses: oh i knew you would love it!! "if you get any more creative i don't think i can take it" lol! oh wendy. you like the yellow top? good. at first i wasn't sure if it was to bright for me. but i really like it now. can't wait to see you next week!!

Monday, November 15, 2010


turning 23 was a lovely event : ) when i made it to my parent's home the day before my birthday, my mom had decorated it with lots of flowers & bunting! i invited a few friends over for a little potluck lunch.i got inspiration for the cake bunting from here.on my birthday morning, i had yummy quiche!then i spent the day with my mom (girls' day out!) shopping in the city. we stopped at rare device to see sarah mcneil's art show.then we checked out some zines at needles & pens.& of course we had to stop at the curiosity shoppe & little otsu.lastly, we stopped by gravel & gold for the first time! it was such a lovely store. i loved it.we ended the day eating baked falafel wraps, coconut noodle soup, & vanilla bean ice cream in pomegranate juice at herbivore. (i'm wearing my new vintage yellow top!)it was a fantastic day & i bought some really cute things that i will show you in a post coming up! thanks for all of your birthday wishes!!

oh! & don't forget to enter the giveaway from wendy helene. remember, you must include a link of your favorite dream catcher to enter!! if you do not include a link, you will not be entered to win!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

wendy helene giveaway

my cousin wendy has opened her etsy shop called wendy helene! she sells handmade dream catchers like the one she sent me. i am so excited to share her shop with you. here are a few dream catchers that are in her shop now:also, wendy has been so kind as to let me host a giveaway for her shop's grand opening! to have a chance to win this mini 1 inch dream catcher pictured below (purse not included : )), simply visit her shop & copy & paste the link to your favorite dream catcher in the comment of this post. a winner will be chosen at random on friday, november 19th. good luck!


pauline: thanks : ) rick rack is just like swirly trim for added decoration to clothes, but it is not elastic.

allison: thank you allison! & yeah, i've heard a few people say it reminds them of a walk to remember. more artsy is a good way to put it.

amy: thanks dear : ) & nicola packages are always awesome!

dandelionkisses: hehe. thought you would. & i am surprised that i was able to sew that laptop case! seriously.

liska cole: thank you berry much : )

Monday, November 8, 2010


i sewed the triangles together this morning with vintage rick rack. i think it turned out cute & am really excited to use them for my birthday : )


natalie: doesn't the movie look super interesting? i'm excited about it. & i don't know much about the actress, but i want to find out more about her.

brit: really?? awesome!! happy early birthday! yup a scorpio : )

jessica: omg you did! haha, nice. oh & beastly! i'm excited for that one too!