Sunday, October 24, 2010

dream art

wow. i've been gone for a long time! i have been so busy with life & grad school lately. the past few weeks have also been kind of an emotional rollercoaster. but now there is a little break so i get to post & visit all of your lovely blogs!
i attended an art museum grand opening a few weeks ago. a lot of the art was breathtaking & beautiful. & some of the frames were art just in themselves.i got a package in the mail from my uberly (is that even a word?) creative cousin wendy. she sent me a cute owl deck of cards, florence & the machine, & a brilliant dream catcher that she made!! anyways, it's so neat & hanging from my ceiling right now. she's made quite a few so far & she is planning to open an etsy shop soon so if you like what you see, i'll let you know when it's open!

it's been raining all morning & i LOVE it. it makes me so happy : ) i just feel like curling up in bed & watching a movie now...


dandelionkisses: hehe, i know right?? i always wanted one of those fish too, but my mom never liked them because they are called fortune telling fish lol.

linda: isn't the fish awesome? it's so fun.

amy: oh she does! i was shocked with how much she sent! i was only expecting a candle :))

inside the cabinet of wonder: wooo hooo for the workshop! you know, you could totally do something like it where you are!! hint hint : )

natalie: she really is!! aha! ohhh you are totally welcome to join, hehe.

hiven: hello! & thank you : )

maria: oh yes! umm i'm not too sure about six year olds, but i know popsicle/craft sticks are super fun! you can make houses, boxes, photo frames, basically anything with them & then paint what you make.

pauline: i love that i'm teaching a class too : ) you are so sweet!

mieke willems: thank you! i'm glad you enjoy the music : ) i'm excited because that is the first one of those fishes i've ever had.

carissa clark: oh wow!! that is so awesome about glee!!! & no worries about being busy, believe me i know how it is. sometimes i open my blog up just to have music playing while i work on homework or something : )

shelbyisms.: THANK YOU!! : )

one of us: hello hannah! i'm so glad you are enjoying my blog : ) thanks! blogger packages are seriously THE best.


  1. Lol! Your mom and my mom both..... :D But I still want one....Hehe.
    Oh I like the photos! I am going to use you as inspiration for the photos I'm going to take of all my dreamcatchers to post.
    Omg I love art museums!

  2. From what I can tell, all of the art at the museum looks wonderful! And you're right, the frames themselves are lovely too! Definitely not a bad way to spend the day. :)

    And I really love the dream catcher! All of the little handmade details are so great.

  3. i loooove that dreamcatcher! she muuust open up an etsy!

  4. I love that dreamcatcher! You will most definitely have to tell me when Wendy's etsy is open :)

    Rain sounds beautiful. We had some most of last week, but I wish it'd stuck around a bit longer.

  5. that gallery looks so lovely! And what a sweet gift, dream catchers are the best! & how talented that she made it herself too! ♥

  6. Heeeey Lina! Nice to have you "back"! Am amazed (but happy!) that you were allowed to take pics in the art museum ;) I should go more often....