Friday, September 23, 2011

happy today

when i went home to visit my family this weekend, i found my grandmother's hankies in the backyard. they are so pretty! my mother has been going through my grandmother's things & she found all of these beautiful hankies. she hand washed them & hung them out to dry. i love finding vintage surprises : )

we had a picnic lunch out on the grass too. the days are getting so nice with chilly mornings & warmer afternoons. i love fall so much.
i've been so busy with school & life in general lately. also,....i got my driver's license!! haha. i'm turning 24 this year, & i thought it was about time i got it : ) (i really dislike driving, so i'm pretty happy with myself). 
when you are busy busy like i have been, & you are so tired at night (too tired to blog or write papers), you watch movies! & i've found some good ones : ) wild target with emily blunt (top photo) & the greatest with carey mulligan (bottom photo). i absolutely love both actresses. i loved what carey wore in the greatest & emily is always so funny! 
so tonight i am going out with my parents for a celebration dinner (for passing my driving test) & then i have two papers to write :/ aiaiai. ok that's all for now...oh i got a lot of movies from the library too, so there will probably be some more movie recommendations soon : )


nicola: thanks nicola : ) you always make me feel better!

lauren carney: hello! & thank you so much! your comment made me so happy : ) i'll be checking out your blog too soon!

Friday, September 16, 2011

falling colder

it has been getting colder lately!! i'm so excited because i love fall & winter. but, i should take advantage of the non rainy weather & go on a picnic (like this one below! i'm sure you've seen it around the blogosphere before...). 

i made the journey to visit my parents this weekend. right when i arrived in town, my mom took me to have sushi at our favorite place : ) 
i know i've been saying that i will have photos of my apartment soon, & i will! but probably not until the end of next week. school is getting really stressful right now! i've decided on my thesis topic & have started researching. i have a meeting with my advisor on tuesday to turn in some of my work. eeeek! i'll share my thesis with you all eventually! it's actually quite exciting stuff : )

anyways, i think i'm going thrifting later today! i'll post if i find any thing : )

p.s. how are you all liking the new blogging format? i kind of like it : )


micaela: ok good! i'm excited to start reading it. although, i'm not sure when that will be, as i have so much school reading to do!

sarah~mechelle: any good new books? : )

liska cole: ooo! i'll have to see the movie after i read the book too. although, i don't really like alec baldwin...haha. haven't seen him in 30rock though! & i think i gave you my tumblr (but i can't remember if i did! so, here it is:

make it easy: can't wait for you to show photos of your soon to be new city!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

foggy days

i bought some new books! first one is get a hobby for $3 & the second one is the girls' guide to hunting & fishing for $1.50. i haven't started reading either one, so we shall see!
i got my first piece of real mail at my apartment from amy! thanks so much amy - it is so cute!!we spent the day in the city for raquel's birthday. it was pretty foggy (as it almost always is) & cold, but so fun!!
we stopped at ike's place for the best veggie sandwiches ever. seriously. then we made our way to north beach (sf's little italy) & had gelato & pastries in a little cafe. i loved it there.
then my papi bought my sister a birthday cake from the same bakers his father use to buy his cakes from - a delicious rum cake with cream puffs : )
i've been quite behind with posting lately & i apologize! life has been, well, a bit crazy lately. but i'm glad that i can always come to blogger & see all of your wonderful blogs. what a great way to relax & relieve the stress & worry of life : )


little and big: yay for blog connections!! : )

brynna: thank you! & it really is haha. crazy to think about.

amy & natalie: thank you darlings : )

nicola: awww nicola! eeee :D that made me so happy to read. i'm so glad i met you on here too!!

mel: hello! & welcome : ) & you simply must watch the movie & let me know how you liked it ok?

pauline: awww : ) thanks pauline!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


today is my blogs 4th birthday! i think it is pretty crazy that i have kept this blog for 4 years. i have met so many incredible people through this blog & i am really happy that i have. thank you for continuing to read & engage with my little online home : )


dani: hello! aww thanks! i love the gnome shakers...but my mom is going to find some vintage ones my grandmother had & give them to me to use! (plus the gnomes were a little more that i would like to spend...)

k: i've been collecting all the vintage things for many years. now i finally have a place of my own for all of it!

amy: ooo! i would definitely want to see your place when you decorate it : ) let me know when you see nowhere boy, i want to know what you think!

liska cole: me too! they really make my day when i'm feeling down.

lemon: hello! & thank you : ) let me know what you think of nowhere boy!

sarah~mechelle: aww hehe : ) & i am going to post photos of the apartment as soon as i finish a few things... : )