Monday, April 22, 2013

happy earth day

happy earth day! (photos taken on a recent early-morning walk)

just a little post to say that & give you an update on my thesis. i am revising still, but now it is more about flow & formatting. however, before you think that is not much & shouldn't take me that long - my thesis is now 77 pages & over 23,000 words. aaahhhh...

Friday, April 19, 2013

so many things!


1 & 2: my family took a very spontaneous trip to the coast. we rented this little blue cottage & enjoyed one cozy night. my sister came & visited after coming back from peru! so it was really nice to see her : ) she borrowed my copy of mindy kaling's book, is everyone hanging out without me? to read. she reads so much faster than me!

3 & 4: i rode in the bike-a-thon! i get to cross off another thing on my listmelissa rode with me & miguel came to be my cheerleader : ) i biked a total of 20 miles! i wanted to do more, but on my 10th mile, i got into a crash. i banged up my crotch area pretty bad, scraped my knee (it was ugly & bloody) & the handlebar baned into my chest. i was in pain, but i managed to get back up & bike 10 more miles! i think i was crazy haha. it took a week for my crotch & chest to heal up & lose the black & blue color. my knee is still healing! a big thank you to amy & carissa for sponsoring me!! you are awesome!!

5, 6, 7, & 8: my friend holly started up a crafting club & asked me to be a part of it! i was flattered : ) we had an outing last weekend & went on an art walk, visiting local galleries & hearing poetry from local poets. it was such a lovely day!

9: holly's cat luna. she is so sweet!

10: i finally got an iphone 5! i've never had an iphone & have been wanting one for so long. miguel works for at&t & traveled via train to his store & bought one from him. i was so excited haha.

11 & 12: later that same day, miguel took me out for a fancy date! we got to sit at the chef's table & watch the food be prepared. it was so so fun! the waitresses were so very nice. one even went to the garden outside of the restaurant to pick me some lovely flowers. it was such a great night.

13, 14, & 15: us..just being us.

so, that is a mini catch-up for the past two weeks or so! i've been so very busy & stressed with thesis work. the deadline is fast approaching & i'm feeling the time crunch! i'm at about 75 pages so far & i've never thought i would be able to write that much. but i did. & that's crazy.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

number seven: make a terrarium

 lizzie & i made terrariums together! i don't know how long i have wanted to make a terrarium, but i sure am glad that i added it to my 25 things to do before i turn 26 list!

lizzie & i met at a little local, city farm & checked out the greenhouse for plants for our terrariums.

 there were so many plants! it was a little hard to find succulents small enough to fit in our small containers, but we were happy with what we found.
 back at my home a couple of days later, we assembled our terrariums. i watched a few videos for info.

 i just love how my terrariums turned out!! i want to make more...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

meeting karen!

i met karen two weekends ago! we met up in the city & i took her & her mom & her friend, hansol, on a mini tour : )
lizzie came with me to help be a tour guide. haha she had some fun with the street performers. 
we met at ike's place for sandwiches & then we took them to needles & pens. then we traveled to more touristy places along the water : )

it was great finally meeting karen! & so nice to meet her mom & friend, hansol, from italy : )