Friday, December 31, 2010

busy making future headlines

goodbye 2010. i will miss you. you were a good, good year to me.
hello 2011. i expect great things from you!

happy new year everyone! i am currently quietly sitting at home on the couch with a crochet afghan over my lap. i've been sick all day. but dexter & mad men have been keeping me company until midnight. i have also given my blog a mini makeover for 2011. it's not much, but i think i like the changes.

for the past month or so, i have been cultivating a sort of list of things to remember & live by. i thought welcoming the new year would be a good time to share it with you. some of the things included may be familiar to you, but i have made them my own. i suppose it is some kind of manifesto of sorts.

live simply
create & cherish every day
use what you already have
when you eat, take time to enjoy every bite
appreciate others
be prepared for amazing things to happen
be kind & show kindness
go on adventures
stop & smile
sometimes be spontaneous
observe & notice the details in your surroundings
do not worry about tomorrow
love & be loved

i hope you enjoyed it. i believe it will be a work in progress & i will continue to add to it. if this inspires you to make your own list, i would truly want to see it! let me know if you create one yourself.

photo source
title from castledoor

Thursday, December 30, 2010

a perfect match, pound for pound

i'm kind of in love with this couple & a bit obsessed with their blog. oh, & their videos & photography. quite simply they rock. (all photos are theirs)

i went thrifting today! got some fun things that i will show you all soon. all of the things i bought are for projects i want to work on during my last three weeks of break : )

tonight i made tortilla soup for dinner. it's amazing! tryyy it.

(title from castledoor)


linda: thank you! it was a lovely holiday. i hope yours was too! lighthouses are pretty mystical!

brynna: yes, inception is amazing! go get it girl! & yes, polaroid film is SO expensive. but the kind i got is from the impossible project. about $23 for eight photos. not too bad!

amy: aww : ) that makes me happy you & your mom liked my card. thanks for the package again!

inside the cabinet of wonder: that's exactly how i felt! haha. is it not possible to be both a star trek & wars fan?? lol.

allison: doesn't the cotton lotion smell so good?? it's my favorite scent at bath & body works. & they gave suggestions on the lookouts to take photos through them : ) i don't know if i would have been so clever hehe.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


hello! i've been away for far too long! my family went on a quick holiday getaway for a few days down the coast. it was beautiful!the coast had neat lookouts that i loved. i took photos through mom was fascinated with the tide pools. what a science teacher : )my squinty-eyed family polaroid time! for breakfast one morning, we ate at this place that had a dish called tortellini & eggs with spinach. it was very interesting & yummy!beautiful sunset through the lighthouse we went exploring at.we had such a lovely time.

i don't have any photos from christmas, partly because i was lazy! but i took some photos of my lovely gifts from incredible friends & family! scarf from india, metal bell charm, & "fairy & gnome" pots from abbie
rimmel london mascara & maybeline lip gloss (really good!) from alisa
music box & inception (!!) from cameron
thrift score, decor tape, velvet amber blackberry perfume (isn't it cute?), & impossible project polaroid film (!!) from my parents (& a coat that is not pictured)

toms & cotton lotion from raquel

i hope you all had a wonderful christmas! the new year is creeping up on me. i'm still in shock that it is almost here. i don't really have plans for new year's eve...i guess i'll just see what happens!

p.s. my cousin wendy can't post any more photos on her blog. she explains it here. anyone know how to help??


natalie: i absolutely love craft fairs. if you happen to hear of one nearby, definitely try to go to one! this is the first year in a long time that we actually got a real tree. it smells so good! i'm in the middle of pirate radio right now & i'm a little disappointed with it. we shall see how it ends though! & everything is illuminated is a definite must-see-soon!

dandelionkisses: oh i wish you had been here to go with me! the same renegade happens in august too. so you should plan ahead to make a trip to visit me & we can both go next time! whaaat? no tree for 14 years?! omg. the eclipse was pretty cool! from what i could see anyway. it was pretty cloudy...

courtney.: hello! ohhh :/ that's too bad! but i didn't know renegade had a store! how cool! sometimes i feel like just getting in a car & having a renegade craft fair road trip & going to all of them : )

inside the cabinet of wonder: i got your christmas gift at the renegade! : ) it should be in the mail soon! hehe. fan boys was so fun! i really enjoyed it. with being both a star wars & star trek fan (gasp!), i was laughing at all of the little inside jokes throughout the movie.

alexia: thanks! i really love the color of my hat : ) oooo! you saw the science of sleep?! it's like one of my favorite movies. golden ponyboy! so good. so good.

shelbyisms: ohhh you got it! gooood! i'm so happy you liked it : ) you are so cute.

Monday, December 20, 2010

the wind blew a peculiar morning

it's been pretty cold & rainy lately! but i love the weather : ) makes me feel cozy, but sleepy at the same time.
the renegade craft fair was awesome! we all had so much fun. it was quite big & crowded. i probably bought too much & i know i spent too much money. but i was happy nonetheless!i bought quite a few christmas gifts at the renegade, so i won't post photos of those, but i did buy a few things for myself: japanese masking tape & a golden leaf vintage barrette from sprout. i love my new barrette : )i won a giveaway from amy! she sent me some tea, a paper crane, and a cute puppy plushie, all inside a little drawstring bag. love it : )my sister came home for christmas from la. i missed her! today we went to the local farm to finally pick out a christmas tree. it was fun! the farm cat was very friendly & cute. & then we took a quick tour of the farm's greenhouse. it's awesome in there with all of the plants!we also took a walk to the library this morning. i picked up some favorite movies (the science of sleep, everything is illuminated, & mamma mia!) & some new ones i haven't seen before but am super excited to see (fanboys, alice, & pirate radio) well, i'm staying up to see the lunar eclipse tonight! i'm so excited. it's suppose to be the first one on the winter solstice since the 1600s. crazy cool. while i wait for it i'm going to sip one of amy's teas & watch fan boys or pirate radio : ) hope you are all well!


natalie: aww thanks : ) i can't wait to get your card!! amy is genius.

dandelionkisses: hehe thanks hun! i wish you were there too! hehe ohhh yeah. thaaat's riiight.

mlle.emma: thanks! ohhh that sounds so nice! lovely.

amy: yes i got yours!! but i'm going to wait until i get all the cards, to do a post about them. thanks amy : )

brit: oh i love how the map envelopes turn out. they are so neat. & also fun to make. wow! 7am?? ugh. no fun! well, good luck on your exams! i'll have to check out that book. sounds interesting! you have a lovely week, k? : )

Sunday, December 19, 2010

christmas card maker

it's been a christmas card & envelope making factory on my bedroom floor for the past week. i've been making cards for the exchange i'm participating in. i got all the cards in the mail yesterday, so you fellow card makers will be getting them soon!
today i am off with petunia to the renegade craft fair! i'm so excited.

p.s. mel stringer is offering a free paper ornament on her blog! go check it out : )
p.p.s. cakies is having a neat vintage givaway!

linda: thanks! isn't it amazing? well i learned step by step from this blog. it took a while to make, but i think it's worth it. all you need is a thick magazine/catalogue & patience!
natalie: there should be more vintage finds this winter break!
shelbyisms.: : )
amy: yup! thanks again amy!!
dandelionkisses: hehe. you should make a tree too! for your room : )
pauline: no worries! aww. i'm so glad the diy kit got to you safely & that you liked it! ohhh & isn't broken english so good? mmm i think i want to see it again now... : )
brynna: good! make a tree & then post about it!
mckenzie mullen: haha! oh wow! how nice : ) it must have taken them a long time. because i was surprised how long it took to make my tree.
one of us: awww thank you for the sweet comment! & yay!! i'm so happy. you made my day : )
naomuack: hello! why thank you very much! i love the beatles : )
brit: oh thanks! at first, i wasn't going to get it. but my mom talked me into buying it. haha she's a great thrifting partner : )

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

so far...

...winter break has been wonderful. i found this fun way to make christmas tree decorations from magazines on the crafty fox. i made mine from an old ikea catalogue : ) i really love it. it's a perfect christmas touch for my loft.

mom & i went thrifting/vintage shopping already. i bought six vintage hankies at $1 each! i really love them. i've been trying to start some kind of collection of them, so i'm excited. i also bought a nice yellow (i'm not sure what you call it, really) & a tiny "oven to table" mikasa duplex dish. i really love the colors.lastly i bought a vintage table cloth. i love the colors & i can't wait to use it for a garden party or something else proper like that : )i haven't mentioned it, but i got a neat birthday postcard in the mail from amy! thanks amy : )hope you all are well!


dandelionkisses: it's so hard taking photos inside with enough light! ugh. but i'm glad you think they look decent : ) aww i love us too.

natalie: thanks, i will! & here are a few finds so far (more to come, i'm sure!).

lisa curie: hello! hehe. mystery music happens to me sometimes too. but yes, love mumford & sons!

shelbyisms: ohhh shelby : ) hehe you make my day. i loved reading your comment! i wish i had the motivation to go running in the morning! haha. & i'm sure you will have practice baking something this christmas : )

clark: hello! i'm so glad you liked the dream catchers. they are quite unique & reasonably priced : )

Sunday, December 12, 2010

twelve twelve

i made some really good jelly cookies yesterday afternoon. (i really like that vintage mixing bowl, it's lydias)(& i love the vintage potholders lydia has too!)

i'm moving back to my parent's house for winter break today. at least for most of it. it's sad to leave my nice little rented room. but i'll be back.

my mom already has plans of what we are going to be doing when i get back. the first thing she said was thrifting! i love my mom. her & i are on the same page : )

ok, so for those of you who watch dexter, is it good if i figured out who the serial killer was at least two episode before they revealed who it was? i kept yelling at the screen. "it's him! it's him!" ahhh..haha.

ok, i'll leave you with these two lovely videos i found through hearblack. i just loved them. the woodlands film & drifted as.


linda: ooo! really?? hehe. it is a very addicting show! & thank you!

jazzy e (hivenn): why thank you : )

allison: thanks allison! yeah, i love how they did the trailer for it. very unconventional. love it.

dandelionkisses: haha yes, get dexter & let me know what you think. lol us & our tv shows!! ooo mad men! i've seen a few episodes of season three of that. i just LOVE all of the costumes, scenery, & props. so nice.

amy: eww! an extension?! mmm :/ it will be over soon : )

natalie: haha! it is definitely one of my favorite perks of going to college! i can say that i definitely LOVE the long breaks. i watch way too many tv shows too! lol. it's really not good.

danica: oh thank you so much! : )

inside the cabinet of wonder: oh i am so glad it got to you ok! & haha, i felt all awkward taking the photo because cars kept driving by to look at the lights & i felt like they were looking at me! haha. love to you too!

Friday, December 10, 2010


i am officially finished with my first semester of graduate school!! i just turned in my last paper tonight. thank you for all of your well wishes & support!! i am so thrilled to be done. now i have winter break for six whole weeks!! i am so ridiculously happy right now : )
vaine picked me up after my last class & took me to see christmas lights around town! it was super fun. we tried to take photos, but they didn't turn out too great. these are the best ones. i just started watching dexter season 1 after hearing so many good things about the show. i personally do not like movies/tv shows that have a lot of blood in them & this one is about all i can handle. but the show is really quite addicting! anybody else watch it?lastly, i really want to see this movie!!

one of us, natalie, & mlle.emma: THANK YOU! you are the best : )
shelbyisms: i've noticed that! but us bloggers can push through : ) & you are very welcome for the comments! & i love my new tights. very much.
brit: eeee! me too. toms are so comfy!
inside the cabinet of wonder: it was a really good night : )
dandelionkisses: hehe i knew you would! we sure did have fun! my phone takes ok photos. well, pretty good i guess : )
amy: yes! you must get some toms. perfect time for christmas. & i keep forgetting what i want too! haha : )
jennifer & sherry: hello! yes, the main reason i wanted toms was because of what they stood for & meant.