Wednesday, December 1, 2010


i took a nice brisk walk outside on the way to the post office today. the leaves were pretty colors everywhere.

the yellow split pea soup was good. made me nice & warm after the chilly outdoors.

i have so much homework to work on tomorrow!

happy december everyone!


amy: december, december - so crazy!

dandelionkisses: i knew you would like the mushroom : )

natalie: seriously! but i am so happy it is fall/winter right now.

alexia: thanks! as i told carissa, the two of you inspired me to use castledoor lyrics : ) i don't think it will be the last time either. & i don't really have a recipe for the soup, but i just made the yellow peas like normal, added some seasonings & sauteed onions. & then i ate it. lol. was yumm : )


  1. Lovely leaves. All ours are dead and gone lol. The whiteness!
    The clouds are neat.

  2. Thank you Lina for the wonderful comments and twice the birthday love. You are too great :) Where do you go to grad school at? Well, good luck on all your homework tomorrow!

  3. It's a lovely time of year to go for a walk :) Cute blog, I like your little yellow room! I'll be back for more.

  4. Cute pictures. :]

  5. Oh it does look warm there... It's freezing here!
    Happy december to you too! Can you believe it's december already? Time flies!

  6. love your shoes. <3

    happy december to you to lina!