Wednesday, December 29, 2010


hello! i've been away for far too long! my family went on a quick holiday getaway for a few days down the coast. it was beautiful!the coast had neat lookouts that i loved. i took photos through mom was fascinated with the tide pools. what a science teacher : )my squinty-eyed family polaroid time! for breakfast one morning, we ate at this place that had a dish called tortellini & eggs with spinach. it was very interesting & yummy!beautiful sunset through the lighthouse we went exploring at.we had such a lovely time.

i don't have any photos from christmas, partly because i was lazy! but i took some photos of my lovely gifts from incredible friends & family! scarf from india, metal bell charm, & "fairy & gnome" pots from abbie
rimmel london mascara & maybeline lip gloss (really good!) from alisa
music box & inception (!!) from cameron
thrift score, decor tape, velvet amber blackberry perfume (isn't it cute?), & impossible project polaroid film (!!) from my parents (& a coat that is not pictured)

toms & cotton lotion from raquel

i hope you all had a wonderful christmas! the new year is creeping up on me. i'm still in shock that it is almost here. i don't really have plans for new year's eve...i guess i'll just see what happens!

p.s. my cousin wendy can't post any more photos on her blog. she explains it here. anyone know how to help??


natalie: i absolutely love craft fairs. if you happen to hear of one nearby, definitely try to go to one! this is the first year in a long time that we actually got a real tree. it smells so good! i'm in the middle of pirate radio right now & i'm a little disappointed with it. we shall see how it ends though! & everything is illuminated is a definite must-see-soon!

dandelionkisses: oh i wish you had been here to go with me! the same renegade happens in august too. so you should plan ahead to make a trip to visit me & we can both go next time! whaaat? no tree for 14 years?! omg. the eclipse was pretty cool! from what i could see anyway. it was pretty cloudy...

courtney.: hello! ohhh :/ that's too bad! but i didn't know renegade had a store! how cool! sometimes i feel like just getting in a car & having a renegade craft fair road trip & going to all of them : )

inside the cabinet of wonder: i got your christmas gift at the renegade! : ) it should be in the mail soon! hehe. fan boys was so fun! i really enjoyed it. with being both a star wars & star trek fan (gasp!), i was laughing at all of the little inside jokes throughout the movie.

alexia: thanks! i really love the color of my hat : ) oooo! you saw the science of sleep?! it's like one of my favorite movies. golden ponyboy! so good. so good.

shelbyisms: ohhh you got it! gooood! i'm so happy you liked it : ) you are so cute.


  1. Oh wow Lina! Lovely pictures! Looks like an absolutely amazing holiday =) I have such a thing for lighthouses! They are so.....mystical. Happy New Year!! xox

  2. aw, inception is one that i was hoping to get. it's soooo good. guess i'll just have to treat myself! AND polaroid film? i wish i had some, i just don't want to spend $40 for only 10 photos! looks like you had a great christmas!

  3. your card is lovely! my mom was gushing over it when i brought it home yesterday afternoon.

    i love inception. wonderful movie.
    looks like you had a lovely holiday :)

  4. lovely photos!!
    aaah your gift will be in the post too! :)
    hehe---me too!! i felt bad that i was both a star wars and star trek fan..hehe. :)

  5. Neat idea of taking the pictures through the lookouts..
    I have the exact same cotton lotion. :O

  6. Such lovely gifts my dear!! I got nice ones too :)