Monday, December 20, 2010

the wind blew a peculiar morning

it's been pretty cold & rainy lately! but i love the weather : ) makes me feel cozy, but sleepy at the same time.
the renegade craft fair was awesome! we all had so much fun. it was quite big & crowded. i probably bought too much & i know i spent too much money. but i was happy nonetheless!i bought quite a few christmas gifts at the renegade, so i won't post photos of those, but i did buy a few things for myself: japanese masking tape & a golden leaf vintage barrette from sprout. i love my new barrette : )i won a giveaway from amy! she sent me some tea, a paper crane, and a cute puppy plushie, all inside a little drawstring bag. love it : )my sister came home for christmas from la. i missed her! today we went to the local farm to finally pick out a christmas tree. it was fun! the farm cat was very friendly & cute. & then we took a quick tour of the farm's greenhouse. it's awesome in there with all of the plants!we also took a walk to the library this morning. i picked up some favorite movies (the science of sleep, everything is illuminated, & mamma mia!) & some new ones i haven't seen before but am super excited to see (fanboys, alice, & pirate radio) well, i'm staying up to see the lunar eclipse tonight! i'm so excited. it's suppose to be the first one on the winter solstice since the 1600s. crazy cool. while i wait for it i'm going to sip one of amy's teas & watch fan boys or pirate radio : ) hope you are all well!


natalie: aww thanks : ) i can't wait to get your card!! amy is genius.

dandelionkisses: hehe thanks hun! i wish you were there too! hehe ohhh yeah. thaaat's riiight.

mlle.emma: thanks! ohhh that sounds so nice! lovely.

amy: yes i got yours!! but i'm going to wait until i get all the cards, to do a post about them. thanks amy : )

brit: oh i love how the map envelopes turn out. they are so neat. & also fun to make. wow! 7am?? ugh. no fun! well, good luck on your exams! i'll have to check out that book. sounds interesting! you have a lovely week, k? : )


  1. The craft fair looks like it was really neat! The golden leaf barrette is really cute, especially on your beret hehe. :) And ah, I miss having a real Christmas tree. But alas, my mom is allergic, so we have to get an artificial one... Ah, and Everything Is Illuminated & Pirate Radio are on my must-watch list!

  2. I'm still oober jealous of you going to the craft fair. And I love your guys green house! It's my favorite. We haven't had a tree since I was like 6? Oooh, Mamma Mia is always going to be a favorite of mine :D
    I didn't stay up to watch it.........Was it good? Did it look super amazing of anything?
    Love the barrette.

  3. i am so sad that i missed the renegade craft fair here in chicago :( i am always in their store!

  4. oooh lina!!!---that craft fair looks super amazing!!! :) such awesome finds!

    oh enjoy the fun adventures with your sister.<3

    yay!! fanboys!--you like? it was kinda deep wasnt it???

    merry christmas lina! xx

  5. I love your beaniee.
    And i just saw the science of sleep last week! It was prettyy good dont you think? Haha
    Merry christmassss. :)

  6. Absolutely LOVED your card, goodness. And also, I love your beanie. I'm just gushing.

  7. what fun! i haven't been to a craft fair in forever...

    glad you liked the package :)