Thursday, December 30, 2010

a perfect match, pound for pound

i'm kind of in love with this couple & a bit obsessed with their blog. oh, & their videos & photography. quite simply they rock. (all photos are theirs)

i went thrifting today! got some fun things that i will show you all soon. all of the things i bought are for projects i want to work on during my last three weeks of break : )

tonight i made tortilla soup for dinner. it's amazing! tryyy it.

(title from castledoor)


linda: thank you! it was a lovely holiday. i hope yours was too! lighthouses are pretty mystical!

brynna: yes, inception is amazing! go get it girl! & yes, polaroid film is SO expensive. but the kind i got is from the impossible project. about $23 for eight photos. not too bad!

amy: aww : ) that makes me happy you & your mom liked my card. thanks for the package again!

inside the cabinet of wonder: that's exactly how i felt! haha. is it not possible to be both a star trek & wars fan?? lol.

allison: doesn't the cotton lotion smell so good?? it's my favorite scent at bath & body works. & they gave suggestions on the lookouts to take photos through them : ) i don't know if i would have been so clever hehe.


  1. i've just spent quite a bit of time browsing their sites.
    i'm in love. so many beautiful photos. and such an adorable love story <3

    happy new year lina!

  2. Awwh, their photos are so adorable! :) Such a cute couple indeed. And mmmm, tortilla soup sounds really good right about now. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you found thrifting!

  3. aw. thanks for mentioning our little internet space. :) yours is lovely, too.