Friday, December 10, 2010


i am officially finished with my first semester of graduate school!! i just turned in my last paper tonight. thank you for all of your well wishes & support!! i am so thrilled to be done. now i have winter break for six whole weeks!! i am so ridiculously happy right now : )
vaine picked me up after my last class & took me to see christmas lights around town! it was super fun. we tried to take photos, but they didn't turn out too great. these are the best ones. i just started watching dexter season 1 after hearing so many good things about the show. i personally do not like movies/tv shows that have a lot of blood in them & this one is about all i can handle. but the show is really quite addicting! anybody else watch it?lastly, i really want to see this movie!!

one of us, natalie, & mlle.emma: THANK YOU! you are the best : )
shelbyisms: i've noticed that! but us bloggers can push through : ) & you are very welcome for the comments! & i love my new tights. very much.
brit: eeee! me too. toms are so comfy!
inside the cabinet of wonder: it was a really good night : )
dandelionkisses: hehe i knew you would! we sure did have fun! my phone takes ok photos. well, pretty good i guess : )
amy: yes! you must get some toms. perfect time for christmas. & i keep forgetting what i want too! haha : )
jennifer & sherry: hello! yes, the main reason i wanted toms was because of what they stood for & meant.


  1. Oh my! Dexter is my all time favourite TV show! Nothing better.... I am completely addicted and can barely breathe thinking about season 5 finale on Monday!!! GAAAAHHHH!


  2. Congrats!
    I really want to see that movie too, it looks really good.

  3. I wanted to get into Dexter...But no time. Haha. Though now that Vampire Diaries is gone till the 27th (ahhhh!!!!!!!! what will I do!) I have gotten Mad Men season one and I guess I can get Dexter....Oh oh I can't wait for Blue Valentine!
    Six weeks? NICE.

  4. I'm so glad for some time off as well.
    My classes were supposed to have ended WEdnesday, but the teacher asked for an extension, so we have another week. :p

    I want so badly to see Blue Valentine.

  5. All you lucky college goers, with your weeks and weeks off of school! Lucky! But you guys definitely deserve the much needed break from all of your hard work :) And Dexter does look really good, but I already watch too much tv for my own good haha.

  6. congrats on completing your first semester of grad school, lina!

  7. ooh you look so cute in the photo! love it! :)
    well done on getting everything done, you can now relax and have some fun.
    thank you for my package, I LOVED IT!!! made my day.
    much love xx