Sunday, December 12, 2010

twelve twelve

i made some really good jelly cookies yesterday afternoon. (i really like that vintage mixing bowl, it's lydias)(& i love the vintage potholders lydia has too!)

i'm moving back to my parent's house for winter break today. at least for most of it. it's sad to leave my nice little rented room. but i'll be back.

my mom already has plans of what we are going to be doing when i get back. the first thing she said was thrifting! i love my mom. her & i are on the same page : )

ok, so for those of you who watch dexter, is it good if i figured out who the serial killer was at least two episode before they revealed who it was? i kept yelling at the screen. "it's him! it's him!" ahhh..haha.

ok, i'll leave you with these two lovely videos i found through hearblack. i just loved them. the woodlands film & drifted as.


linda: ooo! really?? hehe. it is a very addicting show! & thank you!

jazzy e (hivenn): why thank you : )

allison: thanks allison! yeah, i love how they did the trailer for it. very unconventional. love it.

dandelionkisses: haha yes, get dexter & let me know what you think. lol us & our tv shows!! ooo mad men! i've seen a few episodes of season three of that. i just LOVE all of the costumes, scenery, & props. so nice.

amy: eww! an extension?! mmm :/ it will be over soon : )

natalie: haha! it is definitely one of my favorite perks of going to college! i can say that i definitely LOVE the long breaks. i watch way too many tv shows too! lol. it's really not good.

danica: oh thank you so much! : )

inside the cabinet of wonder: oh i am so glad it got to you ok! & haha, i felt all awkward taking the photo because cars kept driving by to look at the lights & i felt like they were looking at me! haha. love to you too!


  1. Wow, these pictures came out really nice. Like, they look all well lit and everything :P (your cooking show) Man, I need to go thrifting soon too. Well that's what happens when you watch lots of murder mystery shows, lol, you get good at predicting before it happens :)
    Yes us and our tv shows, we must have like, ten? Haha. I love us.

  2. Oooh, those little cookies look really yummy. Enjoy your time back at home for winter break! And make sure you show us any thrifting finds that you come upon. :)

  3. i had a million internet pages open and heard mumford and sons playing (here on your blog) but couldn't find where it was coming from. sometimes that annoys me, but it was like a nice little reminder to stop and listen for a while. love that song so much!

  4. your life just fascinates me. i just picture well-dressed lina waking up around eight, going for a run, having lunch with a friend, coming home, taking a nap, studying, making something, and off on a wonderful evening adventure. all dressed in like some cute sundress or something. gah. you are so it!

    i wish i could bake worth a crap. i'm worthless.