Monday, July 25, 2011


i watched the lovely bones last night. sad movie! parts of it i really liked, but parts of it were kind of trippy & parts of it made me want to scream at the screen. i was balling through most of the last half... the tiny "first love" story in it was too cute though : ) & i loved mark wahlberg & rachel weisz in it. if you've seen it, tell me what you thought of it & if you will see it, tell me how you liked it. i'm curious to know.
anyways, i'm at barnes & noble right now with my papi. well, the starbucks part of barnes & noble that is. i got half the day off of work to spend with him : ) tonight we are seeing captain america.


nicola: oh yes! : ) it may take me a bit to figure out what to grab & take photos....just warning you : ) oh & tell me how you like edge of love.

dani: hello! you know, i've never thought of it before, but it is good to be alive now & be able to enjoy all the previous generations styles & fashions. if i were born in the 40s, for example, i'd be missing out on maybe the 60s, 80s, etc. : )

maggie shirley: lol maggie! you girls & your harry potter books! i love it. : )

Sunday, July 24, 2011

the edge

i'm feeling much better after a lot of rest for the past two days : ) a lot of movie watching has been happening. this one from the photos is called the edge of love. it is based on the romances of the poet dylan thomas. i didn't really like the story line (made me too sad), but i LOVED the clothes, style, & scenery! so pretty. a lot of times i think i should have been born then. do you ever feel that way? when would you want to be born?

i'm off to work today, but i don't have to go in until 11am which makes me happy that i got to sleep in. there is talk of going to see captain america (another time period piece!). my papi loves going to see movies hehe. & i don't mind because he pays for me : )

i looked at an apartment i really liked last week. it may be the one! i'm really quite excited. hopefully everything works out...


nicola: hehe i will try to post it! it's so hard to decide though! & you must post a photo too! omg!! we could totally do it for here--and--there! ok ok. yes, let me know : )

natalie: thanks natalie! you know, i should really put all of my documents, photos, & music on flashdrives....i really should. nice list though : ) i like the "...and all of my harry potter books" at the end : )

Saturday, July 23, 2011


i've been sick since yesterday : ( worked only a half day & couldn't go on. but i've been spending most of my time in bed watching movies, eating raisin bread, & enjoying this neat website called the burning house, which is where these photos are from. it is where people post the treasures that they would grab with them in the case that their house catches ablaze. i wanted to put one together but just haven't had the time. or maybe i'm really just thinking about what i would bring....what would you bring?


nicola: i'm so excited about our upcoming adventure. it's hard to keep it secret! hehe.

natalie: thanks so much for the luck on my driving test. it's in about ten days! yikes. & my thesis has something to do with blogging! hehe : ) more soon i think.

shelbyisms: haha!! omg. i was going what? there is nothing about a jared in my post...?? ohh but amy's comment! hahaha. i get it now. hehe.

amy: how interesting about your family not owning a car! i'm sure it is way less expensive! my family owns two cars & a truck & a yeah, can get pretty pricey with maintenance!

make it easy: i love that my mom grows the berries in her backyard. she is so cool : ) & you & me both have to save money for upcoming trips across the oceans!

my-my: ahhh! yes, yes, california drivers are definitely scary!! hehe. i think i am in the same boat as you since i am going to be living on my own, i need a way to get to school!

emma: hello! wow. i couldn't imagine having to learn to drive in a place like paris - so scary!

Monday, July 18, 2011

berries from the backyard garden

wow. i've been so busy lately that i haven't been able to blog like i have wanted to : (
a few reasons i have been busy:
(& also some of the exciting news! (but not all of it!))
1. i got a job & have been working 8+ hours a day
2. my sister & i are going to get an apartment together!! so i have been busy while she is in india, looking for an apartment about an hour away from my parents' home in a big city : )
3. i am trying to do research for my masters thesis this summer (which has an exciting topic that you may like! more on that later i think : ))
4. i have also been applying for a job in the fall as the job i have right now is only a summer job. so i have been sending out my resume to many different places. whew! it's hard & anxious work applying to jobs.
5. i've been practicing for my driving test!! yes, i am twenty-three years old & i do not have a license. basically because i HATE driving. but my permit is about to expire (for the third time) & i have decided that it is about time that i suck it up & get my license already. gosh i'm scared! keep me in your prayers please. yikes.
ok. i think that is it...basically at least.
i am looking forward to looking at your blogs as soon as i get some free time again! maybe tonight : )


natalie: woo hoo! can't wait to see something in my mailbox : )

amy: awww amy : ) you are too sweet : ) thanks again!

nicola: yes we should watch it one day....maybe sooner than we think!! (hehe part of my "more exciting news"...)

shelbyisms: lol!! wait what? jared?

alexia: yay you are back! & i am finally back too hehe. packages are sooo fun : )

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

bits & bobs

i got the cutest little package from amy today! it was complete with a summer 2011 mix containing awesome music : ) i don't know if you know this, but i have a thing for tiny little treasures & amy's package contained itty bitty bits & bobs that made me smile. part of those small things was little fabric triangles & string for me to make my own diy bunting : ) i can't wait! the fabric is so neat looking. (these photos were taken with my phone so they are a tad blurry!)i have some exciting news to tell you soon!! but things are still in work in progress right now, so it may be a week or so before i can tell you : )


allison: oh hi! yes i do : ) it's here.

linda: oh i think you would like super 8! you know our similar tastes in movies : ) : )

amy: oh boy, i could never really get into liking sam! lol because i kept thinking of him in gilmore girls! (which i didnt like him in at all! lol) so...yeah. haha.

nicola: 50/50 looks like something we both would love!

shelbyisms: hehe in know right?! i'm like seriously excited for kinfolk too. & i like the idea that we can submit things to the magazine too!

brynna: it is!! & it does!! can't wait to see it : )

Monday, July 4, 2011


Kinfolk from VsTheBrain on Vimeo.

1. the new kinfolk magazine trailer. excited about it!
2. new joseph gordon-levitt movie!! : ) (thanks shelby!)

so today consists of a parade, thrifting with petunia, & fireworks! not a bad way to celebrate the 4th if i do say so myself : ) happy independence day my fellow americans...

natalie: haha you are opposite of me! i'd rather have like lunch/dinner foods all the time.

shelbyisms: YES.

amy: for me too! dean is probably all-time favorite, but i just really really love castiel : ) i hope there is more than meets the eye too... :/

sarah~mechelle: sister is in india safe & sound! & yeah...i'll probably see footloose too...

brit: yay! but i won't be visiting her. (sadly!) but that would be really neat if i could!

nicola: oh my goodness nicola, you would love super 8!!