Monday, July 25, 2011


i watched the lovely bones last night. sad movie! parts of it i really liked, but parts of it were kind of trippy & parts of it made me want to scream at the screen. i was balling through most of the last half... the tiny "first love" story in it was too cute though : ) & i loved mark wahlberg & rachel weisz in it. if you've seen it, tell me what you thought of it & if you will see it, tell me how you liked it. i'm curious to know.
anyways, i'm at barnes & noble right now with my papi. well, the starbucks part of barnes & noble that is. i got half the day off of work to spend with him : ) tonight we are seeing captain america.


nicola: oh yes! : ) it may take me a bit to figure out what to grab & take photos....just warning you : ) oh & tell me how you like edge of love.

dani: hello! you know, i've never thought of it before, but it is good to be alive now & be able to enjoy all the previous generations styles & fashions. if i were born in the 40s, for example, i'd be missing out on maybe the 60s, 80s, etc. : )

maggie shirley: lol maggie! you girls & your harry potter books! i love it. : )


  1. Have you read the book of The Lovely Bones? It's so, so wonderful, and about fifty million times better than the movie. I thought the movie was okay, but it could have been a lot better had they not put all of those trippy parts in it, I think. The trippy parts were my only real complaint though.

  2. I'm so sorry about you being sick! I'm glad you're better and up and about. I wish we still had those big book store chains here where you can sit and read things for free. Recently all the borders stores shut down over here and it's actually a little bit sad!

    Awesome movie reviews! I have wanted to see these ones you've mentioned but I havent got around to it!

  3. Yeah, I definitely liked the book about a million times more than the movie, though I did like the actress that they picked to play her. But yeah, like any book-turned-movie, I always end up disappointed...

  4. oh the lovely bones. i have the book, i started to read it, but didnt finish it...i really should. i wanted to read the book before seeing the movie..therefore i havnt watched the movie yet. hehe.
    oh i love seeing you write your blog post!!! its so cool! new moleskin??? hehe.

  5. I haven't seen the Lovely Bones yet, I've been meaning to for some time now, nobody in my family wanted to watch it with me.

    You lucky thing getting to see Captain America! It only comes out tomorrow here, we're all going tomorrow night to see it. We shall share thoughts?! Smiles

    Enjoy your time with you Papi!

  6. i've always wanted to see that movie! i want to read the book also. did you stream it online?
    awwww, father and daughter bonding seems so sweet! ^_^ i wish i had patience with my dad. LOL. :D

  7. I saw the movie in theaters. The movie didn't keep the pace of time unlike in the book, when the father turns in a roll of film, you knew where you were on the timeline. The imagery in the movie was great! I especially liked when the guy threw in her charm bracelet and as it sank, so did Susie into the house.

  8. Oh...well I just saw it 3 nights ago...and found it horrific to watch, especially because I have 2 daughters and this scares me so much...I don't know if I could ever read a book like that...I am a very visual person and think the imagery would be too in my head...if you know what I mean!
    Love your World here...came over from Brinja!