Sunday, July 24, 2011

the edge

i'm feeling much better after a lot of rest for the past two days : ) a lot of movie watching has been happening. this one from the photos is called the edge of love. it is based on the romances of the poet dylan thomas. i didn't really like the story line (made me too sad), but i LOVED the clothes, style, & scenery! so pretty. a lot of times i think i should have been born then. do you ever feel that way? when would you want to be born?

i'm off to work today, but i don't have to go in until 11am which makes me happy that i got to sleep in. there is talk of going to see captain america (another time period piece!). my papi loves going to see movies hehe. & i don't mind because he pays for me : )

i looked at an apartment i really liked last week. it may be the one! i'm really quite excited. hopefully everything works out...


nicola: hehe i will try to post it! it's so hard to decide though! & you must post a photo too! omg!! we could totally do it for here--and--there! ok ok. yes, let me know : )

natalie: thanks natalie! you know, i should really put all of my documents, photos, & music on flashdrives....i really should. nice list though : ) i like the "...and all of my harry potter books" at the end : )


  1. yes! lets do it for here--and--there! thats sorted then.

    i really wanted to see the edge of love too...after your review i will go rent it! :D

  2. I also loved the pretty clothes and style from this film! I'm a big fan of all things made during the 50's and sometimes think I should have been born during that period..
    But I guess I'm pretty happy having grown up during the 80's - with e.t., my little ponies, ghostbusters, the cosby show, bubblegum ice cream and all that other good stuff!

  3. I'm really excited for Captain America. This summer is just full of movies to fuel my inner fan-girl :)