Monday, July 4, 2011


Kinfolk from VsTheBrain on Vimeo.

1. the new kinfolk magazine trailer. excited about it!
2. new joseph gordon-levitt movie!! : ) (thanks shelby!)

so today consists of a parade, thrifting with petunia, & fireworks! not a bad way to celebrate the 4th if i do say so myself : ) happy independence day my fellow americans...

natalie: haha you are opposite of me! i'd rather have like lunch/dinner foods all the time.

shelbyisms: YES.

amy: for me too! dean is probably all-time favorite, but i just really really love castiel : ) i hope there is more than meets the eye too... :/

sarah~mechelle: sister is in india safe & sound! & yeah...i'll probably see footloose too...

brit: yay! but i won't be visiting her. (sadly!) but that would be really neat if i could!

nicola: oh my goodness nicola, you would love super 8!!


  1. Do you have Tumblr? Because I am kind of using that as a blog now...

  2. Happy 4th of July sweetest Lina!! Can't wait to see Super 8 - looks great! xox

  3. Happy 4th!

    I'm looking forward to the new JGL movie. and most definitely for Kinfolk!

    Dean and Cas rock. I wish I liked Sam as much as I did the first season or two... oh well.

  4. happy 4th of july! :)
    50/50 looks amazing.

  5. I'm so stoked for Kinfolk! I mean, obviously, we all drool over the work of Andrew and Carissa, but goodness.

  6. ahhh! i didn't know the trailer for 50/50 was already out! i am so excited for it! it looks so good!