Saturday, June 1, 2013

honey come home

 i spent a few days in atlanta, georgia for a good friend's graduation. it was a crazy & fun & long road trip & multiple plane trips. i did a little shopping on the way & found THE suit. miguel would look amazing in it ;)

 i need to get caught up on my kinfolk! also, the kate spade dressing room wallpaper was awesome.
 i love flying, but flying standby with buddy passes are tough! flights after flights were packed & we kept not being able to get on a flight. finally, after three flights with layovers, we were home!
also, i graduated! i know this photo is blurry, but i love it because it was caught in the moment & i feel like you can feel my excitement by just looking at it ;)
 i had a wonderful graduation party the day after my graduation. lizzie did my hair & makeup & i did miguel's bowtie ;). white round tables, a rose garden, fire pit, & fajita bar, with all my friends & family made the night spectacular!

my sister was able to come for my graduation! i've missed her! she left too soon :( look how cute she is - little world traveler ;)
 after graduating, i've been slowly looking for work clothes. finding good slacks that fit well is hard though! any suggestions? i'm on the curvy/tall side in size 10/12 ;) so if you know of any good places for slacks please let me know! the one's i am wearing below (excuse my silly face!) were express & not too bad, but a little short.
 i got some great graduation gifts. miguel made me this wooden fawn! he carpentered it from just a plain flat of wood. he is so talented! i love it.
miguel was visiting his family this week, so it was a long week without him. he came back last night & i'm taking him out for dinner tonight for his birthday, reservations & everything ;) hope he has fun. i also just booked us a campsite for upcoming camping! i'm so excited :D