Wednesday, November 30, 2011


 just a few looks into my kitchen. breakfast of smoothies & avocado on toast. delicious!

i've been sick for the past two days (even missing school!). i've been camping out on the couch drinking tea while watching movies & tv shows with the tissue box nearby. i have one more paper to write before i am done with school this semester, but i've been too sick to do anything but veg out with computer. anyways, here are a few films & a tv show i've enjoyed recently!
pan am

i hope i get better soon so i can get this paper over with & start to enjoy the holiday season!


brit: thanks brit : ) it was hard choosing the frames, especially since they were a little out of my budget being juicy couture, but i really liked them so i called them my birthday present to myself : )

shelbyisms: oh my goodness shelby!! that is a lot of dinners!! i though surviving three was a lot lol.

jane hyunjoo lee: thank you! black friday shopping is tradition in my family, so missing it was not an option hehe. but online shopping at urban sounds fun!!

keetee: yes! i love the idea that we actually have certain foods that are usually on every table in america on thanksgiving : ) & i never thought of what my apartment smells like! haha i wonder now my mom bought me all of those pumpkins & gourds for really cheap at a farm. thanks to her the apartment looked quite lovely. it would be so neat if we could go shopping together!!

tara: thank you : ) !! you are so sweet.

nicola: hehe thanks : )

make it easy: thank you! hope yours was good too!

jazzy e (hivenn): thank you! happy belated thanksgiving to you too : )

brynna: thank you!! i know...i don't think i really like this idea of feeling older. haha. i literally just finished my list & it will be in my next post : ) can't wait to see yours!

juliet winter: hello! yes, i can't wait to go there. just about to book the flat i'll be staying at in january : )

Saturday, November 26, 2011


i had a few people over the apartment for a little thanksgiving meal on wednesday. moved the furniture around to make space for an extra table. i thought it turned out quite nicely : )
traveled home to my parent's for the thanksgiving weekend & had two more thanksgiving dinners! my tummy & taste buds were happy.
then it was off at midnight for black friday shopping at target! went home & slept for a couple of hours & then made the usual rounds to urban outfitters, jeremy's (a designer discount), & anthropologie. i got some great great deals (like a $120 black leather the sak purse for $20 & a cute $58 anthro top for $10).

i haven't been blogging for quite a while as i have been overwhelmed with thesis work : ( but hopefully i can get back into some kind of regular blogging schedule.
i added a birthday post (below) as i turned 24 earlier this month so that covers a little of what has been going on in my life.

lastly, but definitely not least(!), i was interviewed!! lovely tara has a neat series of blogger interviews & decided to ask yours truly some questions! you can read all about it here.

i hope your thanksgiving was legit & you enjoy your weekend!


that kate: thank you! i love the sentimental feeling from them.

sarah~mechelle: thanks! i do get kind of crazy eyed at the end of the day, but i try to take regular breaks : )

amy: i love how the paint colors look on the cardboard!

natalie: that's so true natalie! especially when i don't know who owned an item before me, i think of all the travels & adventures it has had : )

ada beth croft: hello! thank you : ) i hope you visit again soon. i love how the metallic paint looks on the cardboard.

aren: thanks aren! i am not the best artist, but i love to try! haha. & "unearthing old gems" is a great way to put it!

carissa clark: hehe thanks : ) my birthday is on the 14th! yay for november birthdays!! i love finding more november birthday people. it's a great time to have a birthday.

keetee: hello! yay!! i'm so excited that you can leave comments now : ) makes me happy. happy november!

jocelyn: hello! thanks so much : ) but i must admit that i didn't actually create the playlist. i found it on tumblr, but i seriously love the music on it! music soulmates -- love it : ) & loving rosie golan's can't go back! listening to it right now...

jane hyunjoo lee: thank you! & i do feel better! the scabs are almost all gone & my knees aren't that sore anymore : )

Thursday, November 17, 2011


 i turned 24 a few days ago! i had part of my thesis due, so i didn't do too much to celebrate, but it still felt like my day : ) i'm starting to really feel old...which is not good! haha.
i got a cute little birthday package from nicola! i loved the card. that's going to be us in london in two months! i also got a lovely card from amy : )
i'm compiling a list to do before i turn 25. i will share it soon : )
i treated myself to new frames! i usually wear contacts & my last pair of glasses were about 5 years old. my eyes had changed (worse!) so i thought it was about time to get a new pair : )

Saturday, November 12, 2011

last week

 last weekend when i was visiting my parents, my mom sent me home with a collection of dishes she found while sorting through my grandmother's things. they are beautiful vintage & i am so happy with such a treasure.

the past week has been a tough one. my days consist of waking up early & then going straight to working on my thesis. i type & research until late at night. i even eat meals in front of the computer. it's been crazy for sure.
also last weekend, i had my arts & crafts group. lizzie & i gave the girls the project of painting totem poles on cardboard. we got inspired by this lovely gal & her work. i think they turned out well!

 & it wasn't all girls this time! dylan, lizzie's boyfriend came to paint with us too.
lizzie was the master at totem pole painting!
i painted a little owl : )
today, petunia & her husband are coming from out of town to visit me & see the apartment. excited to spend time with friends after a long, stressful week! i hope your weekend is going well!


amy: haha! amy i seriously laughed out loud to what you said: "the last time I bought almonds to use I ended up snaking on them..." sounds like something that would happen!

natalie: you must have experience with scraped knees, being a runner! not that you fall a lot. wow. haha let me take the foot out of my mouth now. anyways, it makes me feel better you know how it feels? does that make sense? haha anyways, thanks : )

nicola: another friend said the same thing about it being an artsy photo with the blood & ripped nylons! haha i thought so too : )

linda: that playlist has some real gems for sure!

kayleigh: thanks kayleigh : ) enjoy the playlist!!

em [the writer]: i don't know why your comment isn't appearing on my blog, but i got it in my email! anyways, my favorite songs on it would have to be 3 & 8 & of course welcome home! i had that song playing on my blog for a while : )

janis: hello! & i hope you like the songs!

Monday, November 7, 2011

milk & knees

i had posted a video from my new roots before & i just saw that another was made. this really makes me want to try making some nut milk! but nuts are really expensive for me right now, so it will probably not happen soon. but it's really a nice video : )

i added contact & about me sections to my blog! haha. check it out & let me know what you think...they photo of me is kind of old, so i think i want to take new ones soon : )

so, i was fell on saturday. scraped my knees up pretty bad...they were bleeding all day saturday & i kept having to change my bandages. now, two days later it is getting painful to move them :( i hope they heal soon! (sorry for the slightly gross photo! but i wanted to show you...ha)
i am currently attempting to write my thesis' literature review which is due next monday (on my birthday!!! :S) it's quite stressful right now....but i have been going down this playlist & listening to every song : ) which makes it not so bad. (from here)

gracia: hello! why thank you! i am super stoked : ) counting down the days already.

pauline: thank you! i am so excited about paris & england. it seriously is still hitting me that i am actually going. i have been dreaming of going for so long that it still doesn't seem real. oh & i don't know if you saw my reply on tumblr, but thanks for thinking of me & my knees! you are so sweet. they are going to take a while to heal completely, but i'm patient : )

nicola: january!! hehe. ok, let me know when you do so i can link to it!

make it easy: i feel the same way about birthday months! hehe. 

natalie: right?? just reading what makes others happy, makes me happy : )

alexia: oh you are lucky you understand! i don't, so i must practice & learn a little before i go!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

bits & pieces

can't wait to go there in january : ) (the other city language videos from ef are amazing too!)

i've discovered a couple of lovely blogs here & here (i must admit most of the links i am sharing today, i've found from the last blog!)

great post from keri smith on living without corporations

beautiful families that i would love to just go on a picnic with

cute looking film & a neat looking film

reply to everyone: i LOVED reading about the things that make you happy & am excited that so many of you are trying it on your own blog! keep them coming!
here are the lists that people have made so far:
kayleigh's list
any's list
brit's list
anastasia's list
maggie shirley's list
mayte michelle's list
& of course there are some in the comments here
(if i am missing any, please let me know! i will try to add to the happy links list : ))

p.s. happy november! my birthday month : )