Saturday, November 12, 2011

last week

 last weekend when i was visiting my parents, my mom sent me home with a collection of dishes she found while sorting through my grandmother's things. they are beautiful vintage & i am so happy with such a treasure.

the past week has been a tough one. my days consist of waking up early & then going straight to working on my thesis. i type & research until late at night. i even eat meals in front of the computer. it's been crazy for sure.
also last weekend, i had my arts & crafts group. lizzie & i gave the girls the project of painting totem poles on cardboard. we got inspired by this lovely gal & her work. i think they turned out well!

 & it wasn't all girls this time! dylan, lizzie's boyfriend came to paint with us too.
lizzie was the master at totem pole painting!
i painted a little owl : )
today, petunia & her husband are coming from out of town to visit me & see the apartment. excited to spend time with friends after a long, stressful week! i hope your weekend is going well!


amy: haha! amy i seriously laughed out loud to what you said: "the last time I bought almonds to use I ended up snaking on them..." sounds like something that would happen!

natalie: you must have experience with scraped knees, being a runner! not that you fall a lot. wow. haha let me take the foot out of my mouth now. anyways, it makes me feel better you know how it feels? does that make sense? haha anyways, thanks : )

nicola: another friend said the same thing about it being an artsy photo with the blood & ripped nylons! haha i thought so too : )

linda: that playlist has some real gems for sure!

kayleigh: thanks kayleigh : ) enjoy the playlist!!

em [the writer]: i don't know why your comment isn't appearing on my blog, but i got it in my email! anyways, my favorite songs on it would have to be 3 & 8 & of course welcome home! i had that song playing on my blog for a while : )

janis: hello! & i hope you like the songs!


  1. The plates and dishes look great!

  2. What a beautiful collection of plates.

    Hope your making good headway on your thesis. Don't go getting square eyes from looking at a screen all day!


  3. Those plates are lovely! How wonderful!

    And the totem pole project looks like loads of fun :)

  4. It's always neat to sort through old antique things and think about all of the memories that must have been had with them, you know? Even plates! And aww, the art projects look like they came along so nicely! Good idea. :)

  5. Oh goodness that is a cute owl! Metallic paint, is greatness. I like your blog! :) Very nice pictures.

  6. Ooh! I love unearthing old gems at my grandmother's. Those plates look darling!

    That breakfast looks so tasty. I love grapefruit. <3

    Along with foxes, owls are my favorite animal. The one you painted looks so adorable!

  7. Ahhh so cutee, I love your owl.
    By the way, when is your birthday?? November is my birthday month too. YAY! :)

  8. Those dishes are so cool!!!!
    and your owl so cute :-D
    Happy November!

  9. Hmm,I know how to leave my words on your post now :-),Yay!

  10. OKAYYYYYYYYYY... so I think we might be music soulmates. Your autumn playlist is beyond perfect. I love it especially the Head and the Heart they are my favorite right now. Check out Rosie Golan- Can't go back. You will love it, I know you will!

    Cute blog!