Wednesday, November 30, 2011


 just a few looks into my kitchen. breakfast of smoothies & avocado on toast. delicious!

i've been sick for the past two days (even missing school!). i've been camping out on the couch drinking tea while watching movies & tv shows with the tissue box nearby. i have one more paper to write before i am done with school this semester, but i've been too sick to do anything but veg out with computer. anyways, here are a few films & a tv show i've enjoyed recently!
pan am

i hope i get better soon so i can get this paper over with & start to enjoy the holiday season!


brit: thanks brit : ) it was hard choosing the frames, especially since they were a little out of my budget being juicy couture, but i really liked them so i called them my birthday present to myself : )

shelbyisms: oh my goodness shelby!! that is a lot of dinners!! i though surviving three was a lot lol.

jane hyunjoo lee: thank you! black friday shopping is tradition in my family, so missing it was not an option hehe. but online shopping at urban sounds fun!!

keetee: yes! i love the idea that we actually have certain foods that are usually on every table in america on thanksgiving : ) & i never thought of what my apartment smells like! haha i wonder now my mom bought me all of those pumpkins & gourds for really cheap at a farm. thanks to her the apartment looked quite lovely. it would be so neat if we could go shopping together!!

tara: thank you : ) !! you are so sweet.

nicola: hehe thanks : )

make it easy: thank you! hope yours was good too!

jazzy e (hivenn): thank you! happy belated thanksgiving to you too : )

brynna: thank you!! i know...i don't think i really like this idea of feeling older. haha. i literally just finished my list & it will be in my next post : ) can't wait to see yours!

juliet winter: hello! yes, i can't wait to go there. just about to book the flat i'll be staying at in january : )


  1. That smoothie looks delish. Also, I love Flipped. LOVE.

  2. Oh! Poor Lina! Are you feeling better now? I hope so!
    You stay so healthy! You eat smoothie and avocado toast for breakfast?
    I think I need to stop eating these snacks for breakfast :p
    I've never had avocado toast. Sounds yummy!
    Good luck with your papers :)

  3. feel better soon lina! <3
    your kitchen looks so cute.

  4. Awww! I hope you get well soon!


    That smoothie looks so delicious. I love making smoothies! Especially with this magic bullet I have at home!

    Haha, and about my recent post that you commented on my blog, my dad told me that he saw your dad working. Haha ^__^

  5. So many lovely things in your kitchen!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. hope you feel better!
    I reallly need to see Submarine, it looks so good!

  7. I love the pictures from your kitchen! :D

  8. What a cute little kitchen you have!

    Erika ;)

  9. i saw the movie "flipped" when i was on the train back to beijing from my hometown..l love the gril in this movie.her personality attact me a lot .which likes the heroine in "Amelie from Montmartre"
    lina,i am a big fan of American TV series..i also love "pan am".. and "the big bang theory"..~ ---ying
    in beijing