Thursday, December 1, 2011

24 things to do before i turn 25

1. travel in europe (1/8/12-1/22/12)
2. make a zine
3. develop etsy shop
4. finish my crochet blanket
5. loose 15 pounds
6. meet bloggers!!! : ) (1/9/12 met nicola) (1/14/12 met charlotte & mandy)
7. write in my moleskine more
8. say "yes" to more things
9. spend less time on the internet
10. make more things instead of buying them
11. read at least 3 books for pleasure (extremely loud & incredibly close, the hunger games, the girl's guide to hunting & fishing)
12. become more involved with community (my new science engineering & technology job)
13. go on more dates (12/16/11) (12/30/11) (& much more! because i have him)
14. buy a pair of black heels with red soles
15. visit cameron's accident site
16. figure out what to do after graduation
17. have a hearing & defend my thesis (5/11/12)
18. drive on the freeway (12/9/11 drove from the dentist to michaels)
19. bake a pie (2/25/12 strawberry raspberry pie)
20. add more audio books to my ipod (the fault in our stars)
21. adopt a kitten
22. develop 120 film from diana
23. get felix a castle (or something else for him to enjoy) (2/29/12)
24. go through & donate my clothes


  1. I love these lists. I'm going to make one for my birthday in April. 20 before 21.

  2. What a fantastic idea! All of your things sound very thought out.

    I'll have to make one of these list, as I've just had a birthday past. Birthdays come and go so fast!


  3. Haha this is a great list. I also need to drive on the freeway, ALONE. Haha. I've always had someone in the passenger seat. You don't need to lose 15 lbs! Number 15 is my favorite. :)

    - missa

  4. This list is awesome!
    I love #8, #9 and #24 :D

  5. I'm inspired to write a similar list right now, except 17 before 18! :)

    I think it's always good to have goals.


    I wish I could do number twenty one, but alas, my parents are both allergic. And we have two dogs... drat.

  7. I love these all! Except you are perfect, no weight loss needed.

  8. this is an excellent list, lina. there are a number of things on it that i would like to accomplish too.

  9. that's a long list, how long do you have to go still?
    i agree with the kitten, it will make your life better! but i don't agree with the loosing weight!
    hope you'll manage to do a lot! and let's hope all :)