Sunday, December 11, 2011

this weekend i...

 spent some quality time with my papi eating dinner at rubios (love me the big burrito especial with no meat!)
 drank some hot chocolate while working on my last paper. (only analysis, results, & conclusion to go!)
 got dolled up with my new haircut (just added some layers : )) for church.
 taught my arts & crafts class origami ornaments. & we had a little holiday party with homemade cookies & ice tea.
went to a drive-through nativity story with live actors & animals. it was pretty neat!


jane hyunjoo lee: yes, europe!! i leave on january 8 for two weeks : ) uber excited.

pauline: isn't it amazing?! i don't know of any similar ones yet...& my research paper is on gender neutral parenting & parents' reactions to their children's gender non-conformity. can't wait for paris eee!

alexia: it is so inspiring! i've actually had the link to it for a while & just now posted it. & her glasses rock! thanks for the luck ;)

kailey: hello! thank you so much : )


  1. i love your hair! the pics are all great. i am especially intrigued by the drive-through nativity...a pretty unique idea!

  2. you look so beautiful in the photo with your father! :)
    plus, your new hair looks awesome! very cute.
    hope the paper is going well.
    and a drive-through nativity?!?! thats AMAZING.

  3. Sorry I'm coming in to this convo late, but Ah, a Europe trip!?! How fun! I lived in London for a time and traveled all over those wonderful countries! I miss it so. I'm excited to see where you are headed. This will change your life!

  4. looks like you had a lovely weekend. and your hair looks super cute! thats really cool that you have a drive through nativity -- neat and festive while keeping warm!

  5. I love burrito also!!! I love veggie burrito.
    My hubby and I've been talking about making kimchi tofu burrito :p
    I love your hair. I wanna get permed too!!

  6. Lina all my love to you! Hope someday meet you in person! <3

  7. sounds like a perfect weekend!
    origami: nice!

  8. I cannot say what I like more between your cup and your haircut ^^

    You have your Papi's eyes.
    Beautiful big eyes O_O

  9. Sounds like you have been having a good time (excluding the essay that is!)