Thursday, December 29, 2011

christmas time

i hope you all had a lovely christmas! mine was nontraditional (compared to what my family usually does). we went to the city to see a christmas carol preformed on stage in a beautiful theater. i brought my binoculars to see the actors faces close up ;) i had fun getting all pretty to go out. after watching the play, we stopped at union square to see the city's big christmas tree. i took a photo of my papi & sister in front of it (you can see tiffany & co. in the background : ))

 this is our ornamentless tree, which has never happened before (the hello kitty gift is mine!). what was also nontraditional is we drove the three hours on christmas day to surprise my cousin wendy & her family with christmas dinner. it was an epic surprise.
 this is part of my christmas gift! this year i only asked for things that i would need for my trip to europe. so my sister bought me the hunger games to read on the 14 hour plane ride (ahhh...i am so going to go crazy) & french phrases for dummies & my parents bought me some really nice enzo angiolini leather boots & an umbrella. i can't believe i'll be leaving in ten days!
 nicola sent me a christmas gift too! it's so lovely & i'm going to hang it up in my apartment : )

 since we went to surprise wendy & her family, we got to see snow on christmas! that never happens. i got to have a white christmas : )
 i don't know about you, but i am so stoked to see this movie!! i just have to finish the book before i see the movie though...i'm about halfway through. i got all emotional when i saw the trailer in the theater.

lizzie: an infinity scarf? ohhh haha i had to look up what it was. i am so not versed in styles. i don't own one of those yet...

em [the writer]: isn't that a christmas story display great? it is so clever too!

jane hyunjoo lee: awww haha i've never thought of it that way, being a really good girl = early christmas gifts. i like to think of it that way hehe.

natalie: i love ice cream in winter. especially when it is raining!

carissa clark: i am having so much fun - as you can see on twitter : )

nicola: thanks nicola! you are always so sweet : ) & my mom says thanks with a "thumbs up" hehe.

ying: ying!! hello : ) i'm so glad you remember the ice cream parlor. i'll be going to london january 8 & paris january 16. i'm so excited! oh & i love amelie! isn't she amazing?? glad you liked flipped. yay for pan am! oh & i hear big bang theory is really good. a lot of my friends love it. i miss you!


  1. Merry Christmas belatedly! It seems like you had a fun time with family, which is always wonderful. The tree is gorgeous and your present from Nicola is awesome. She gives the best gifts. :)

    As for The Hunger Games, you probably will die. I first read it when it came out of 2009 and immediately told my friends to read it. I never really thought it'd become such a best-seller though it is freakin' compelling and everything a good book should be. Sorry, I could ramble on about it more, haha.

    Extremely Loud & Incredibly Cloe was one of the favorite books I read this year. I was so consumed in the story and moved by the prose.

    Now off to play my turn in our WordsWithFriends game! :)

  2. 14 hours on a plane?
    It takes 13 hours from korea to the states I watched the whole 1st season of V on the way to Korea and watched 5 movies coming back to the states!
    You must be so excited about your trip!

  3. Hey, nontraditional can be good! It sounds like you had a really great Christmas to me. :D The Hello Kitty paper is so cute, hehe. I still need to read the Hunger Games but of course that probably will not happen because I am still procrastinating my AP English reading... sigh. Have fun with the 14 hour plane ride though... oh gosh. When I went to Australia it was kind of torturous. And yes, I absolutely adore Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close so I am anxious to see how the movie comes out.

  4. hablas EspaƱol?

    Just the wrapping on that present would have gotten me excited ;) sounds like an amazing christmas

  5. mega can't believe its gonna be so soon!!!
    argghh 14 hour plane journey...oh dear. but it will be worth it! :D
    your christmas looked lovely.
    cant wait to see you <3

  6. Happy new year Lina!!
    Wow, that movie looks interesting indeed....must check it out ;) Thanks for sharing! Wishing you a fabulous 2012.