Wednesday, December 21, 2011

crafts, lights, & christmas

 i attended the renegade craft fair in the city this weekend with abbie! i love going to these craft fairs : )

 the city was so beautiful
i got my first christmas gift of the year! a lovely scarf from rachel. (love me some scarves!)
 i went with my mom to celebrate her straight a's this semester at school at our favorite ice cream parlor. i love their holiday peppermint ice cream!
 rachel & abbie came to visit & see my apartment. we had coffee & dessert at the old spaghetti factory & i took them to see the best christmas lights in the city. they even had an a christmas story scene (by the way, best christmas movie ever!)!

(sorry so blurry!)

so, i finished my last paper & turned it in last week. after that, life has been a little bit of a world wind! parties, dates, visits from friends, & good food - all with a festive flair : )

i think this post has too many photos of myself...maybe i should take some down... :/

sooo excited for this!!!
love this home : )
also, my friend olivia just made a music video! check it out here.

anyways, i hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season!! i probably won't be back blogging before christmas, so happy holidays!


two birds: hello! & thank you so much : ) & i've never seen a drive-through nativity! it is pretty neat.

nicola: awww thanks!! the paper went fine. i got an a-, but it was ok...i suppose...haha.

kendra: hello! yes europe! i will be traveling around london & southern england, as well as paris! how cool that you lived in london! that would be so amazing. & i know it will change my life, i can't wait!

brynna: exactly what i thought, see the pretty nativity by the warmth of your car - perfect : ) & thanks!

jane hyunjoo lee: hehe yay! wow! kimchi tofu burrito! i had one like that from a korean taco truck in los angeles once. so good!!

tara: awww thanks! yes, that would be awesome!

mieke willems: origami is very nice : )

keetee: awww! thanks keetee!! :D

em [the writer]: for sure!! & even more fun now, hehe ; )

thewanderingballoon: hello! thank you : ) i kind of love it too, hehe


  1. Craft fairs are by far the best.

    I, too, love me some scarves. I just recently purchased an infinity scarf and I am in love.

    If you don't post again until then, Merry Christmas!

  2. My goodness that craft fair looks excellent! But I think I love that Christmas Story display even more! Oh and have a great Christmas!!

  3. I love going to craft fairs and I hardly find one where I live :( :( :(
    Your scarf looks really cute :D :D :D
    You must have been a really good girl to get the early Christmas present :D
    Merry Christmas!

  4. The craft fair looks so nice. I know nice isn't the best adjective, but really, that's what it seems like to me, haha. :) And yes, the city does look so gorgeous! And mmm... ice cream is perfect all year 'round.

  5. It looks like you are having so much fun!!
    I love craft fairs, they are the best.
    Merry Christmas!! See you on twitter :)

  6. ohh that craft fair looks such fun! i love the photos you had taken! very cute.
    you look beautiful in every photo lina!! <3
    congrats i send to your mom.
    merry christmas. :)

  7. lina,is ying here...
    is so nice to see ur blog again...i am so sorry i forget the address of ur blog for a long time.
    i still remembered the ice cream parlor which i have been there 5 years aga when i was in CA. there are a lot of DairyQueen in beijing.i love Maccha ice cream :P~
    the craft fair looks sooo fun i hope i can be there ...
    the scarf u wear in the picture looks gorgeous.~
    merry christmas lina~ :D