Tuesday, May 31, 2011


i'm back from camping! it was so beautiful. & it actually started snowing! i have never been to this camping place when it was snowing before. it was really pretty & a lot of fun : )the camp has a beautiful nature center that i went to. they had a whole collection of pretty butterflies. (but this is the only photo that really turned out...)for the car ride to the camp, i bought uppercase magazine. i picked up a copy because two of the bloggers that i follow were in it! ebony bizys from hello sandwich & dawn tan from handmadelove! it has really cute little write ups about them & their work.now i am off to visit wendy! i'm leaving early tomorrow & i'll be sure to tell you about the adventures that we have! (including an iron & wine concert!!) this photo of her i just added to my newly revived flickr account. if you have one, add me as a contact! : )
don't forget to enter my camera giveaway!

replies: thanks everyone for the movie recommendations! excited to start watching : )

Thursday, May 26, 2011

400th p o s t g i v e a w a y !

hello! this is my 400th post! woo hoo! & i completely missed my blogs third birthday in september of last year, so i am having an extra special giveaway to celebrate : )
to enter, just leave a comment below answering these questions:
1. what movie do you recommend for me to watch?
2. if you were to make a zine, what would you make it about?
3. why do you blog?
all are welcome to enter!
you are entering to win a vintage smena (cmeha in russian) 35 camera! this camera was manufactured by the soviet union by lomo. it takes 35 mm film. it will come with a lens cap, camera case, original box, & instruction booklet (in russian though!). as far as i know it works fine! here is an example of photos it can take.
the winner will be chosen on friday june 3rd!well, sorry i haven't been posting much! my trip to see my sister was nice : ) the power in my house is out for a few days :/ so, right now i am at a coffee shop so i can check my email & post on my blog! & i'm having trouble leaving comments on blogs right now...so you may not hear from me on your blog :/! but i'll be leaving tomorrow to go camping for the weekend! hope your weekend is superb : )

dandelionkisses: haha i know right?? she looks awesome!

natalie: : ) that's my sister's dress! haha.

pauline: extravagant is definitely a good word for it! thanks pauline : ) means a lot!

nicola: hehe she does : ) yay!!! thanks!!

linda: yup yup! :o)

danica: it was inspired by a parrot! & has real feathers sewn on the bodice! & thank you!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


these are photos from the fashion show my sister was in! i didn't take any of these. all of them but the last one were taken by celesti magpayo & the last one was taken by nick norton (i don't know who they are!). but the first two models are my sister's friends & the last girl (the peacock!) is my sister!! the line was inspired by birds. enjoy!

so i am officially done with my first year of grad school now! i turned in my last paper last night. only a year & a half more to go! aha. now that i am done for the summer, i can finally concentrate on all of your blogs! i'm sorry if i've been a bit absent lately! & i will be getting packages together soon! i've been behind on that too.... : )


natalie: yeah i'm so glad that stephen chbosky is directing the perks of being a wallflower. otherwise i would be worried!

em [the writer]: oh i didn't know about paul rudd! i thought howl was quite poetic (besides it being about a poem!) & james was really good (as always : )).

amy: i have more movies to add to your list soon i think! i'm watching three different movies at the same time right now (not literally!). oh & i kind of feel like sneaking over to pittsburgh (i know people there) & seeing if i could get a sneak peek at it being filmed : ). yeah i've seen nowhere boy in the redbox. i have to get on seeing it too.... all good things is...kind of creepy! just a warning : ) (but there clothes! & cute shop they have in the beginning is !!!)

millo: hello! yay!! let me know how you like them!

hellomissa: oooo! really?? O_o i want to taste filipino style! hehe. see you at church!

Monday, May 16, 2011

to see

the fashion show was awesome last night & i have some photos! but i will share them a little later. i watched this movie called all good things. it is an interesting movie with a creepy & strange storyline. it is based on real events from 1971 to 2003. kirsten dunst is in it (love her!!) with ryan gosling. the beginning of the movie is pretty cute & i love the clothes that kirsten's character wears. if you have netflix it is on watch instantly.

i am super excited about these other films that will be coming out in a bit: the perks of being a wallflower directed by stephen chbosky (author of the book!) & the adventures of tintin: secret of the unicorn directed by steven spielberg (jamie bell is voicing tintin!).
i also want to see these two movies:
i am actually going to watch howl right now (on netflix instant watch!)...i'll reply in my next post!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


hello! i have been so busy lately with finishing my first year of grad school. (which is why i've been mia lately...!) but now i am almost done. just one more paper to write! last week i made korean style rice porridge! it turned out quite yummy : ) here are photos! & my fuji instax mini 25 came in the mail two days after i ordered it! i completely love it. i took a photo of myself & stuck it with my package to my mom for mother's day! (i got here a pack of red swedish fish, her favorite!) the package is wrapped in fabric from singapore!well, right now i am visiting my sister in los angeles. on friday i took a 9 hr train ride to visit her! it was long, but i had some time to work on my final paper. one of the main reasons i came to visit her is because she is going to be in her second fashion show as a model! i'm so excited to see her in it tonight. i'll try to take some good photos to show you all!


sarah~mechelle: yes, i love the package! & yours will be in the mail shortly! just after i finish my last paper : )

natalie: i can't believe wendy made the owl pouch too! it is really inspiring. i feel like i want to try making one too!

shelbyisms: the iou project seems interesting. have you heard about the trunk show? do you think you are going to participate?

stay under the stars: hello! oh let me know which instax mini you get!

april: i love laying out the packages that way! i think it looks so neat : ) oh & they are making polaroid film again! here.

nicola: hehe. i love mr froggy too! i feel like doing a "traveling gnome" thing with him....: )

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

packages galore

well, i decided to buy the instax mini 25! i just bought it. & today is my mom's birthday & my dad bought her the instax 210 (& a digital camera!) for her birthday : ) my parents are cool. hehe.

i got back to my place in the city late last night & found two packages in my mailbox! one is from my cousin wendy & the other is from my new pen buddy sarah! both of the packages were amazing! wendy sent me so many cute things. a lot of it was handmade (which i love!). she made me a friendship bracelet (which i am wearing right now!).this cool froggy is going to ride in my purse for a while i think : )raspberry & dark chocolate green tea with rooibos organic tea in a little handmade pouch. yum! i'm going to have some tomorrow morning!& she made this adorable little owl pouch! sooo cute! i love it : )incense matches (neato!) & so many other neat things! (like a mumford & sons cd...!!!)the other package was from my new blogger pen buddy sarah! this is the first package i got from her & it was so cool!cute little golden rosebud buttonsold fashion blue glass marble (love glass marbles!)neat vintage mirror with black ribbonpages from a vintage book. the photos & art & colors are so neat! i really love it.& of course other neat things (like a colorful zipper pouch :D). i am so happy to have blogger friends! you guys are awesome! thank you wendy & sarah!!

lastly, i wanted to share this video with you. i don't know if you have heard from them or about them but i have been getting emails from the iou project (i am not sure why they contacted me, but i think they are contacting a bunch of bloggers...have you been contacted by them or have you heard anything about it?). this video explains what they are about & they will be launching this coming monday, may 9th. the whole idea of it sounds truly fantastic! but being the sociologist i am, i was a little worried about fair trading with the weavers in india (as you will see in the video). i contacted the iou project through facebook & received a quick response to my questions about fair trade. this is what they said & the link they gave me: "we are working with the weaving societies so the iou weavers are getting paid extra & we are further get involved by raising more awareness about their problems & issues e.g we are running a workshop with an industrial design studio ciszak dalmas at boisbuchet: [link]." so, watch the video & let me know your thoughts!


brynna: i love laying outside on a nice day. it makes me so happy!

sarah~mechelle: i would love to have you in my paper making classes! hehe. ooo! a holga! i've been thinking about getting one of those for ages. i have quite a few other lomography cameras but no holga...maybe later! let me know how you like it!

nicola: oh nicola - you are so cute!! hehe. oh a polaroid 300! ok i see i see. yeah, i'm quite excited about the tiny photos it will take!

jennifer jehanne hua: thanks jennifer! & hello again : )

amy: well, as you can see, i got the instax mini 25! i did some research about them by asking bloggers who had them & searching reviews online : ) i think you should get one!! i'll let you know how i like mine : )

em [the writer]: aww you are so sweet! i just like to do the things i enjoy - a lot of the time : ) & about never let me go, i'm glad we had the same thoughts!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

question & more

this photo is from helen leung. & the camera in the photo is one i am planning to get soon! but i can't decide between the fuji instax mini 7s or the fuji instax mini 25. do any of you have one of these? which one do you think i should get? my mom is going to get the fuji instax 210 : ). then we can both go taking photos together!
i got a postcard from shelby! awesommme! thank you : )this weekend's weather was so nice. so, i took a blanket & pillow outside & laid on the grass. & then i fell asleep & a photo was taken of me hehe.i had my papermaking class today! my girls did so well making all kinds of different colored papers. hope your sunday was good : )

everyone: thank you for your concerns about my housemate : ) she is doing a little better each day.
april: cozy is a perfect word to describe the video! & you definitely need to go camping : ) oh & where the wild things are is a fun adventure.
amy: we should totally have a blogger camping trip....!! & awesome! i would love the recipe!
inside the cabinet of wonder/nicola: you changed your name! haha. yeah, i just found out about ed sheeran : ) & what a rad toy camera mode! that is so awesome!
hellomissa: thanks for praying : )