Tuesday, May 3, 2011

packages galore

well, i decided to buy the instax mini 25! i just bought it. & today is my mom's birthday & my dad bought her the instax 210 (& a digital camera!) for her birthday : ) my parents are cool. hehe.

i got back to my place in the city late last night & found two packages in my mailbox! one is from my cousin wendy & the other is from my new pen buddy sarah! both of the packages were amazing! wendy sent me so many cute things. a lot of it was handmade (which i love!). she made me a friendship bracelet (which i am wearing right now!).this cool froggy is going to ride in my purse for a while i think : )raspberry & dark chocolate green tea with rooibos organic tea in a little handmade pouch. yum! i'm going to have some tomorrow morning!& she made this adorable little owl pouch! sooo cute! i love it : )incense matches (neato!) & so many other neat things! (like a mumford & sons cd...!!!)the other package was from my new blogger pen buddy sarah! this is the first package i got from her & it was so cool!cute little golden rosebud buttonsold fashion blue glass marble (love glass marbles!)neat vintage mirror with black ribbonpages from a vintage book. the photos & art & colors are so neat! i really love it.& of course other neat things (like a colorful zipper pouch :D). i am so happy to have blogger friends! you guys are awesome! thank you wendy & sarah!!

lastly, i wanted to share this video with you. i don't know if you have heard from them or about them but i have been getting emails from the iou project (i am not sure why they contacted me, but i think they are contacting a bunch of bloggers...have you been contacted by them or have you heard anything about it?). this video explains what they are about & they will be launching this coming monday, may 9th. the whole idea of it sounds truly fantastic! but being the sociologist i am, i was a little worried about fair trading with the weavers in india (as you will see in the video). i contacted the iou project through facebook & received a quick response to my questions about fair trade. this is what they said & the link they gave me: "we are working with the weaving societies so the iou weavers are getting paid extra & we are further get involved by raising more awareness about their problems & issues e.g we are running a workshop with an industrial design studio ciszak dalmas at boisbuchet: [link]." so, watch the video & let me know your thoughts!


brynna: i love laying outside on a nice day. it makes me so happy!

sarah~mechelle: i would love to have you in my paper making classes! hehe. ooo! a holga! i've been thinking about getting one of those for ages. i have quite a few other lomography cameras but no holga...maybe later! let me know how you like it!

nicola: oh nicola - you are so cute!! hehe. oh a polaroid 300! ok i see i see. yeah, i'm quite excited about the tiny photos it will take!

jennifer jehanne hua: thanks jennifer! & hello again : )

amy: well, as you can see, i got the instax mini 25! i did some research about them by asking bloggers who had them & searching reviews online : ) i think you should get one!! i'll let you know how i like mine : )

em [the writer]: aww you are so sweet! i just like to do the things i enjoy - a lot of the time : ) & about never let me go, i'm glad we had the same thoughts!


  1. I'm glad it finally got there! It took longer than I thought it might.

    Happy you like it.

  2. The packages both look wonderful! The little owl pouch is so cute, and I can't believe she actually made it. All of the artistic talent that all of you people have astounds me. :)

    The IOU Project sounds like a great idea! Definitely supporting a good cause, so I wish them the best for their launch.

  3. The project seems like a great idea. I've just sent them my information! :)

    Happy birthday to your Madre!

    And great packages!

  4. Oh, those pages with colourful fish are so pretty!

    I'm also thinking about getting an instax mini or something similar, but it's hard to decide with one to buy! I hope you'll share some of your photos :)

  5. Those packages are so cute! I love the way you laid them out, haha. Presentation is everything:)
    That vintage book looks so cool!

  6. take lots of little pictures!!! :)
    amazing packages!!! love mr froggy!

  7. Lovely packages! That owl pouch Wendy made is too cute! <3