Thursday, May 26, 2011

400th p o s t g i v e a w a y !

hello! this is my 400th post! woo hoo! & i completely missed my blogs third birthday in september of last year, so i am having an extra special giveaway to celebrate : )
to enter, just leave a comment below answering these questions:
1. what movie do you recommend for me to watch?
2. if you were to make a zine, what would you make it about?
3. why do you blog?
all are welcome to enter!
you are entering to win a vintage smena (cmeha in russian) 35 camera! this camera was manufactured by the soviet union by lomo. it takes 35 mm film. it will come with a lens cap, camera case, original box, & instruction booklet (in russian though!). as far as i know it works fine! here is an example of photos it can take.
the winner will be chosen on friday june 3rd!well, sorry i haven't been posting much! my trip to see my sister was nice : ) the power in my house is out for a few days :/ so, right now i am at a coffee shop so i can check my email & post on my blog! & i'm having trouble leaving comments on blogs right you may not hear from me on your blog :/! but i'll be leaving tomorrow to go camping for the weekend! hope your weekend is superb : )

dandelionkisses: haha i know right?? she looks awesome!

natalie: : ) that's my sister's dress! haha.

pauline: extravagant is definitely a good word for it! thanks pauline : ) means a lot!

nicola: hehe she does : ) yay!!! thanks!!

linda: yup yup! :o)

danica: it was inspired by a parrot! & has real feathers sewn on the bodice! & thank you!!


  1. Congrats on 400 posts and 3 years of blogging! That's definitely a milestone. :D And what a neat idea for a giveaway! I will recommend the movie Ghost World, not sure if you have seen it already. I suppose a zine I'd make would probably end up just being a random collage of quotes and magazine clippings, but I'm not sure if there'd be an exact theme behind it all. And I blog because I want to record memories, I love writing, and I love meeting awesome people and reading about their lives. :)

  2. Happy 400 post! Thats great.

    I would recommend, if you have not already seen it, "As it is in Heaven" is one of my all time favourite movies. Its in subtitles; and I will warn that it may bring a tear or two down your cheek.
    If I were to create a zine, I would fill it with poems and photos. I have been writing a collection of work I have titled "A Token of Gypsy Love".
    Lastly I blog because it is a wonderful way to remember and share the things that bring smiles. (All that, and you meet some kindred hearts too!)

  3. 1. Fargo, Science of Sleep, Being John Malkovich, The Graduate, Man on Wire, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (hope there's at least one you haven't watched!)
    2. I would fill it with candid pics of the people in my neighborhood. (their outfits, and the bizzar scenarios i often see) when i'm old, i remember i actually did stuff.

    i am so glad you are still blogging, and that you are my super-duper awesome far away friend.
    1. i would say bright young things. its one of my top movies, its kinda beautiful and sad all at the same time. you might have seen it..and if you have, what did you think??
    2. i think, things that happen during the a mini diary with pictures, quotes, and drawings explaining my day.
    3. so i meet awesome people like you.

    have a fun camping weekend! can't wait to see pictures!
    ps, we should make here--and--there zine. <3

  5. Happy 400th post Lina! How awesome!

    1. Vanilla Sky, Vovler, Practical Magic, Sliding Doors, Ondine, Ponyo, and The Darjeeling Limited.

    2. I'd probably do a cooking/food zine. With hand-drawn illustrations and handwritten recipes.

    3. Creative release :) And to be a part of this awesome community!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. 1. what movie do you recommend for me to watch?
    "Love me if You Dare" It's french (subtitled) and so inspiring
    2. if you were to make a zine, what would you make it about?
    the creative community in New Zealand (where I live)
    3. why do you blog?
    It's a fun creative outlet for me :)

  7. Movie I recommend for you to watch is Cat and the Canary (starring Bob hope and Paulette Goodard)
    If I were to make a zine it would be of all my short stories, favorite quotes and my mad ramblings
    I blog because I love to write and if people read it then it is a good feeling to know that someone, somewhere has read my words :)

  8. Ok so this is a super awesome giveaway and I want to win, lol. ^_^

    So, I recommend (if you haven't seen yet) A Very Long Engagement and Moulin Rouge.
    And maybe a Zine about vegan food or retro clothes/clothes making, photography and cute love stories.
    I blog because I like the creative aspect of it and to sort of have a look back into my life when I'm older.