Sunday, May 15, 2011


hello! i have been so busy lately with finishing my first year of grad school. (which is why i've been mia lately...!) but now i am almost done. just one more paper to write! last week i made korean style rice porridge! it turned out quite yummy : ) here are photos! & my fuji instax mini 25 came in the mail two days after i ordered it! i completely love it. i took a photo of myself & stuck it with my package to my mom for mother's day! (i got here a pack of red swedish fish, her favorite!) the package is wrapped in fabric from singapore!well, right now i am visiting my sister in los angeles. on friday i took a 9 hr train ride to visit her! it was long, but i had some time to work on my final paper. one of the main reasons i came to visit her is because she is going to be in her second fashion show as a model! i'm so excited to see her in it tonight. i'll try to take some good photos to show you all!


sarah~mechelle: yes, i love the package! & yours will be in the mail shortly! just after i finish my last paper : )

natalie: i can't believe wendy made the owl pouch too! it is really inspiring. i feel like i want to try making one too!

shelbyisms: the iou project seems interesting. have you heard about the trunk show? do you think you are going to participate?

stay under the stars: hello! oh let me know which instax mini you get!

april: i love laying out the packages that way! i think it looks so neat : ) oh & they are making polaroid film again! here.

nicola: hehe. i love mr froggy too! i feel like doing a "traveling gnome" thing with him....: )


  1. Congrats on being almost done with your first year of graduate school! :D Your rice porridge looks like it turned out delicious. The mother's day package you put together is such a great idea. And that's so exciting about your sister modeling and everything!

  2. That porridge looks yummy! And the mother's day package is lovely <3

    Congrats to your sister! How neat!

  3. OOOOh that korean rice porridge looks DEEEE-LISH! Hehe, we call it aroscaldo because filipino's make it too!

    fashion show pictures!!!!
    can't wait to see them!!! (:

    see you soon! (=