Tuesday, May 31, 2011


i'm back from camping! it was so beautiful. & it actually started snowing! i have never been to this camping place when it was snowing before. it was really pretty & a lot of fun : )the camp has a beautiful nature center that i went to. they had a whole collection of pretty butterflies. (but this is the only photo that really turned out...)for the car ride to the camp, i bought uppercase magazine. i picked up a copy because two of the bloggers that i follow were in it! ebony bizys from hello sandwich & dawn tan from handmadelove! it has really cute little write ups about them & their work.now i am off to visit wendy! i'm leaving early tomorrow & i'll be sure to tell you about the adventures that we have! (including an iron & wine concert!!) this photo of her i just added to my newly revived flickr account. if you have one, add me as a contact! : )
don't forget to enter my camera giveaway!

replies: thanks everyone for the movie recommendations! excited to start watching : )


  1. Checking out the giveaway now :) Also it looks like I really need to get my hands on that copy of Uppercase Magazine!

  2. That magazine looks too neat!

    So jealous about the Iron & Wine concert. Have fun :)

  3. I'm not much of a camper myself (in fact, I've never been... haha) but it looks like a good time! I'm sure the Iron & Wine concert is going to be absolutely wonderful; can't wait to hear about it. :) And I've added you on Flickr!

  4. Wow, the snow looks so beautiful! And I love your hair in a side plait!