Sunday, May 1, 2011

question & more

this photo is from helen leung. & the camera in the photo is one i am planning to get soon! but i can't decide between the fuji instax mini 7s or the fuji instax mini 25. do any of you have one of these? which one do you think i should get? my mom is going to get the fuji instax 210 : ). then we can both go taking photos together!
i got a postcard from shelby! awesommme! thank you : )this weekend's weather was so nice. so, i took a blanket & pillow outside & laid on the grass. & then i fell asleep & a photo was taken of me hehe.i had my papermaking class today! my girls did so well making all kinds of different colored papers. hope your sunday was good : )

everyone: thank you for your concerns about my housemate : ) she is doing a little better each day.
april: cozy is a perfect word to describe the video! & you definitely need to go camping : ) oh & where the wild things are is a fun adventure.
amy: we should totally have a blogger camping trip....!! & awesome! i would love the recipe!
inside the cabinet of wonder/nicola: you changed your name! haha. yeah, i just found out about ed sheeran : ) & what a rad toy camera mode! that is so awesome!
hellomissa: thanks for praying : )


  1. Is there anything nicer than laying outside when its that wonderful out? I don't think so! That paper making looks really neat too!

  2. I would love your paper making classes, that looks so fun.

    I've never heard of those little cameras, they look to be awesome to play with. I just ordered a holga this week, I'm waiting for it to arrive; Seems like camera season!

  3. i have got a polaroid 300, which looks just like that one. :) its wonderful! i love the little credit card sized pictures.

    oh, dont laugh lina, but i just found out how to change my name!! haha. i am rather stupid!! :D

  4. that's so sweet! I love how you make your own paper! eeeeee! and and and I love your songs on your blog! xx

  5. Oooh. Let me know which camera you get! I've been wanting a Fujifilm Instax for awhile but don't know enough about them to know which to get.

    That class looks like lots of fun!

    And yes! CAMPING TRIP! I've never been camping...

  6. Okay I swear you do the coolest things! Paper making?! Oh and I totally envy your sun nap :P

    Hope you have a great week dear!

  7. Oh and PS I saw Never Let Me Go and totally agree on what you wrote about it. Such a downer but still lovely.

    Anyway now I'm off again!


  8. I love cameras that print the picture for you!:) I actually have an extremely old Polaroid, but it had no film so it's just sitting uselessly on my desk. Anyway, I fell asleep in the sun once and when I woke up I was completely red. It sucked. next time i'll bring an umbrella:)
    paper making? so cool!