Thursday, May 19, 2011


these are photos from the fashion show my sister was in! i didn't take any of these. all of them but the last one were taken by celesti magpayo & the last one was taken by nick norton (i don't know who they are!). but the first two models are my sister's friends & the last girl (the peacock!) is my sister!! the line was inspired by birds. enjoy!

so i am officially done with my first year of grad school now! i turned in my last paper last night. only a year & a half more to go! aha. now that i am done for the summer, i can finally concentrate on all of your blogs! i'm sorry if i've been a bit absent lately! & i will be getting packages together soon! i've been behind on that too.... : )


natalie: yeah i'm so glad that stephen chbosky is directing the perks of being a wallflower. otherwise i would be worried!

em [the writer]: oh i didn't know about paul rudd! i thought howl was quite poetic (besides it being about a poem!) & james was really good (as always : )).

amy: i have more movies to add to your list soon i think! i'm watching three different movies at the same time right now (not literally!). oh & i kind of feel like sneaking over to pittsburgh (i know people there) & seeing if i could get a sneak peek at it being filmed : ). yeah i've seen nowhere boy in the redbox. i have to get on seeing it too.... all good things is...kind of creepy! just a warning : ) (but there clothes! & cute shop they have in the beginning is !!!)

millo: hello! yay!! let me know how you like them!

hellomissa: oooo! really?? O_o i want to taste filipino style! hehe. see you at church!


  1. Omgggg my gorgeous cousin Raquel!! Amazingly awesome shoot, plus she had the best outfit. :P

  2. Wow, everyone looks amazing! I really like the last dress. And congrats on officially completing your first year of grad school. Happy summer! :)

  3. woah! that looks amazing! So extravagant.

    Congratulations on completing your first year! It's hard, and I'm so proud of you. Good job!

  4. your sister looks awesome! :)
    yay for lina!! well done! you can now chill out and have an amazing summer! :D

  5. the second outfit is amazing! it looks totally parrot inspired.

    congrats too on finishing your first year of grad school.

  6. they all look so beautiful! i love the bird theme. so creative and lovely! wish i were that creative. your sister looks the loveliest :D
    and crongratulations on finishing your first year! :D