Friday, March 25, 2011

family time

on a trip with the family = day 3

i'll be back soon with photos & replies!

happy weekend!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

oh comely story

this is the beyond amazing package i got from nicola a few weeks ago! it had all kinds of goodies in it & tons of handwritten notes. it made me so very happy. thanks nicola!! : )

so, i have a story to tell you! as most of you know, nicola & i are pen buddies, sending packages back & forth to each other. well, a couple of months back, i asked her to send me a copy of oh comely magazine, because i had recently heard about it & wanted to check it out. since it was only in the uk, she was happy to send me a copy, no sorry TWO copies! : ) near the same time, she sent a letter to oh comely telling them how i wanted a copy & also about our joint blog here--and--there. & guess what! they published her letter in the next issue! : ) i thought it was so neat. & really exciting!


brynna: isn't it adorable? i love the little clouds on it & the fact that it is called "love is in the air" makes me happy.

dandelionkisses: haha aww thanks : ) yeah! that's the big sweater that i got & told you about. it reminds me of you. i hope she opens an etsy too : ) well, the only one i started was solanin. it's pretty good so far. a little bit scandalous for regular manga i would say. it's rated t+ (older teen), so...yeah. haha.

inside the cabinet of wonder: hehe : ) thanks nicola. the sweater is really big & comfy. i got it thrifting a few weeks ago & i love it.

allison: thanks allison :] means a lot.

sarah~mechelle: ooo really?? the oto-na-ri one? or you're beautiful? tell me how you like it for sure!

the attic people: hello! thank you very much : )

Monday, March 21, 2011

hairbows, diana, & manga

the party was really fun. we played our favorite board & card games. then we visited the used bookstore where i found exactly what i wanted! oishinbo & solanin. solanin has a japanese film that was based on the manga that i want to see soon, but i'm having trouble finding it with english subtitles...check out the trailer here. (in japanese!)
missa made me some handmade hair bows! aren't they so cute?? she is thinking about perhaps starting an etsy. i think she should! what do you think?? oh boy...these photos are pretty goofy looking. i laugh at myself when i look at them. but the bows look nice!! thanks missa!i'm hoping to go thrifting tonight...we shall see how the day goes though. i seem to have a lot of homework...even on spring break!! :/

one last thing! the dainty squid is having a giveaway of a DIANA MINI!!! it's so cute! it is called "love is in the air," isn't that adorable?? go & enter to win here.replies:

liz: hello! yes i have seen sunshine cleaning & i LOVE that movie. it's such a good one. my sister & i love love that movie : )

em [the writer]: it is : ) definitely check it out.

amy: ooo! i'll be sure to check out nana! thanks amy! & i'll also have to check out the comic it's based on. oh yes, i noticed emily's ballet part & wondered about if she did training for the role or what. she's such a good actor! i haven't seen any japanese dramas. they are probably good too!! i should check some out... mmm...i want boba again now. haha. & i'm going to look up these chinese pancakes now. yum sounds good. & thanks for being there for me, amy. i'll keep your offer in mind : )

dandelionkisses: yes you must. & then text me!

my-my: oh gooood! yes, & tell me how you like it! : ) so you watch korean shows too?? which ones have you seen? my mom is really into it too haha.

shelbyisms: thank you shelby : ) means a lot. haha. i wish i could take you to the asian mall : )

Sunday, March 20, 2011


i woke up to these lovely yellow flowers this morning on my windowsill. they made me smile : )
i watched the japanese film oto-na-ri last night. it's a tender movie of love. it's about two neighbors who live in apartments next to each other & share a wall. they hear each other go through daily activities, but never have actually met face to face. she's a florist & he is a photographer. the sounds they hear from each other comfort them through life. you can watch it with english subtitles here. & here is the trailer, but it's in japanese : ) anyways, i recommend it!
also, i watched the adjustment bureau last night with my papi. it's quite interesting. the meanings behind things & the explanation of fate, destiny, choice, & free will are all interestingly portrayed in it. but i did think the ending was kind of on the corny side...but emily blunt is in it, & i love her, so it's ok : )

today i am off to a birthday party & hopefully a used bookstore with petunia so i can pick up solanin & oishinbo. (if they have it!) hope you all have a happy sunday!


holly: hello! thanks : )

dandelionkisses: oh i know! & we both had mother-daughter days?? how neat! awww.

inside the cabinet of wonder: oh i knew you would like the cup! hehe.

natalie: hehe doesn't it look amazing?? & i love the asian mall. i would go there more often, but it is a bit of a i only get to go a little bit.

my-my: yes, that's so true about the asian mall! so many surprises hidden away in every corner. thanks for letting me know about your new blog...i was wondering where you went! i think we are all slowly getting through everything, it is slow but sure : )

sara & sarah~meschelle: thank you for your kind thoughts : )

Saturday, March 19, 2011

asian mall day

thanks for your words of encouragement : ) they mean a lot.

yesterday was fun. i am visiting home for spring break, so my mom took me on a little day trip. we went to the asian mall. both of us have been watching a lot of korean tv shows & we felt like some ramen with kimchi. we then went shopping at the cute little asian stores. i bought some pens & paper & a gift for wendy. then i drank boba tea while we went grocery shopping at the market for goodies to eat & cook. it was such fun : )

oh & i'm really hooked on these korean tv shows! haha. if you want to see what it is all about, i recommend starting with you're beautiful. i love these shows because they are really cute & funny & about first love : ) they make me happy.

so, i am quite behind on blogging! i have a few posts that i want to share with you, so bear with me. i need to catch up.

(cellphone photos again! i'll be back to using my camera soon though!)


to all of you who commented on my last post: i am so grateful to have people around the world who are there for me : ) you guys are awesome!

pauline: thanks for checking up on me : ) i'm baaack!

em [the writer]:hello! oh wow! how neat. know where to find a copy of the haunting of the hill now : ) aww, you are so sweet! i love the collaboration you ladies have over at mix tape. & you all cover many things i am interested in. well, welcome to my blog : )

ellie's desk: hello! i must confess, i don't know much about shirley jackson. but i should find more out! thanks for checking out my shop.

a book of short stories: hello! yes! readymade is my favorite magazine, sooo goood.

natalie: haha yes! wouldn't it be so neat to just spend spend some of your summer like that? i think so.

danica: yes, you really must check it out! for sure.

sarah~mechelle: i totally agree. i'm planning on using the tips from it for my mini spring break vacation! can't wait.

domestica: hello! oh how neat! that is such an interesting story, like a movie or something : )

brynna: hehe : ) the car is pretty awesome! yes, definitely pick up a copy.

dandelionkisses: haha. i know i know. i have photos i want to use from my camera too! but you know me & getting photos uploaded haha. takes a while...

asha: hello! thanks : ) i love thrifting. period. hehe. yes, you must take photos of what you find!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

my brother

well, as some of you have noticed, i haven't blogged in quite a while. life has just been too crazy lately. at first school was just super busy & hard. but then the unimaginable happened. saturday night (3.5.11) i heard the worst phone call ever. the news was that my brother, cameron, was in a serious motorcycle accident with severe head & neck injuries. i drove the hour, straight to the hospital & stayed there until i got home at 3 in the morning. the next few days were relatively the same & i was in shock & i was numb. he suffered significant brain damage & did not wake up from a coma. he passed away late monday night (3.7.11) at 24 years old.

although he was not my brother by blood, he was part of my family. & honestly i can't put into words how i feel just yet. it's a mix of so many emotions. but now i feel like i have a hole in my heart where he was. but day by day it's starting to get better. i actually started this post 5 days ago, but i couldn't finish it. but today i felt like i was finally ready to tell you about it. i just needed someone to listen. thanks : )

cameron bought me my diana f+ camera & i plan to use much more often. every time i do, i'll think of him : )

i'll be replying to all of your comments soon : ) it's been a while & i'm ready to get back to blogging.