Sunday, March 20, 2011


i woke up to these lovely yellow flowers this morning on my windowsill. they made me smile : )
i watched the japanese film oto-na-ri last night. it's a tender movie of love. it's about two neighbors who live in apartments next to each other & share a wall. they hear each other go through daily activities, but never have actually met face to face. she's a florist & he is a photographer. the sounds they hear from each other comfort them through life. you can watch it with english subtitles here. & here is the trailer, but it's in japanese : ) anyways, i recommend it!
also, i watched the adjustment bureau last night with my papi. it's quite interesting. the meanings behind things & the explanation of fate, destiny, choice, & free will are all interestingly portrayed in it. but i did think the ending was kind of on the corny side...but emily blunt is in it, & i love her, so it's ok : )

today i am off to a birthday party & hopefully a used bookstore with petunia so i can pick up solanin & oishinbo. (if they have it!) hope you all have a happy sunday!


holly: hello! thanks : )

dandelionkisses: oh i know! & we both had mother-daughter days?? how neat! awww.

inside the cabinet of wonder: oh i knew you would like the cup! hehe.

natalie: hehe doesn't it look amazing?? & i love the asian mall. i would go there more often, but it is a bit of a i only get to go a little bit.

my-my: yes, that's so true about the asian mall! so many surprises hidden away in every corner. thanks for letting me know about your new blog...i was wondering where you went! i think we are all slowly getting through everything, it is slow but sure : )

sara & sarah~meschelle: thank you for your kind thoughts : )


  1. i will have to check out both of these movies. i love emily blunt too! Did you see Sunshine Cleaning?

  2. I love Japanese films so I'll most definitely check that out!

    You might like Nana. It's based on a comic I believe, but the movie is just lovely :). It's about two girls named Nana who meet on a train and how their lives sort of collide even though they're two very different people. I have it on DVD with English subtitles, but I'm sure there's somewhere online you can watch it with subtitles.

    Ive been meanin to see The Adjustment Bureau, but honestly, just for Rmily Blunt's subplot. She actually spent a good deal of time training with Joffery Ballet to do that role, and did all her own dancing :)

  3. We did :) Ooooh I am going to watch this asap!

  4. oh! I'm gonna watch this! I watch a lot of Korean Dramas. but I don't know much about Japanese drama, only anime. :P but the movie you described is surely my taste!

  5. I just caught up on your posts. My heart goes out to you and your family. Love, love.