Saturday, March 19, 2011

asian mall day

thanks for your words of encouragement : ) they mean a lot.

yesterday was fun. i am visiting home for spring break, so my mom took me on a little day trip. we went to the asian mall. both of us have been watching a lot of korean tv shows & we felt like some ramen with kimchi. we then went shopping at the cute little asian stores. i bought some pens & paper & a gift for wendy. then i drank boba tea while we went grocery shopping at the market for goodies to eat & cook. it was such fun : )

oh & i'm really hooked on these korean tv shows! haha. if you want to see what it is all about, i recommend starting with you're beautiful. i love these shows because they are really cute & funny & about first love : ) they make me happy.

so, i am quite behind on blogging! i have a few posts that i want to share with you, so bear with me. i need to catch up.

(cellphone photos again! i'll be back to using my camera soon though!)


to all of you who commented on my last post: i am so grateful to have people around the world who are there for me : ) you guys are awesome!

pauline: thanks for checking up on me : ) i'm baaack!

em [the writer]:hello! oh wow! how neat. know where to find a copy of the haunting of the hill now : ) aww, you are so sweet! i love the collaboration you ladies have over at mix tape. & you all cover many things i am interested in. well, welcome to my blog : )

ellie's desk: hello! i must confess, i don't know much about shirley jackson. but i should find more out! thanks for checking out my shop.

a book of short stories: hello! yes! readymade is my favorite magazine, sooo goood.

natalie: haha yes! wouldn't it be so neat to just spend spend some of your summer like that? i think so.

danica: yes, you really must check it out! for sure.

sarah~mechelle: i totally agree. i'm planning on using the tips from it for my mini spring break vacation! can't wait.

domestica: hello! oh how neat! that is such an interesting story, like a movie or something : )

brynna: hehe : ) the car is pretty awesome! yes, definitely pick up a copy.

dandelionkisses: haha. i know i know. i have photos i want to use from my camera too! but you know me & getting photos uploaded haha. takes a while...

asha: hello! thanks : ) i love thrifting. period. hehe. yes, you must take photos of what you find!!


  1. Such pretty foods. Hope you have an awesome weekend.

  2. Oh my gahhhhh, That asian food looks so so amazing, more so because of korean dramas ;) They always make me hungry. Also I think it's cute we both had mother daughter days on the same day :)

  3. Omnomnom that all looks rather delicious. :) That's pretty nifty that there's a whole Asian mall filled with such neat things! I hope the rest of your spring break goes wonderfully!

  4. Hey Lina! The Asian mall always makes me happy because every corner is filled with sweet treats and cute items that make you squeal. It’s good to see you blogging and being strong after such a hard week. It’s really hard to cope and grieve, but you’re doing great. bet you’re wondering why I haven’t posted in a while. I retired my other blog and deleted it. And some how my personal blog went nuts too, so I had to recreate a new one and transfer my old posts. I swear, blogspot gives me the most problems, but I’ve tried other platforms like LiveJournal and Wordpress, but I like blogspot much better. Take care! Now that I don’t have problems with my blog (hope not) I can comment and post more.

  5. Hey Lina, just wrote a post I'd like for you to be aware of. I care for you, so I'd like for you to atleast read it (and pass the news if you believe it's coming).

  6. I'm like that with Japanese dramas. Love them :)

    Boba tea is super yummy. There's only one place in town I know of that sells it though so I don't get it too often :)

    If you ever have the chance you should try Chinese pancakes. They're these small thick pancakes with your choice of filling. SO GOOD.