Tuesday, March 22, 2011

oh comely story

this is the beyond amazing package i got from nicola a few weeks ago! it had all kinds of goodies in it & tons of handwritten notes. it made me so very happy. thanks nicola!! : )

so, i have a story to tell you! as most of you know, nicola & i are pen buddies, sending packages back & forth to each other. well, a couple of months back, i asked her to send me a copy of oh comely magazine, because i had recently heard about it & wanted to check it out. since it was only in the uk, she was happy to send me a copy, no sorry TWO copies! : ) near the same time, she sent a letter to oh comely telling them how i wanted a copy & also about our joint blog here--and--there. & guess what! they published her letter in the next issue! : ) i thought it was so neat. & really exciting!


brynna: isn't it adorable? i love the little clouds on it & the fact that it is called "love is in the air" makes me happy.

dandelionkisses: haha aww thanks : ) yeah! that's the big sweater that i got & told you about. it reminds me of you. i hope she opens an etsy too : ) well, the only one i started was solanin. it's pretty good so far. a little bit scandalous for regular manga i would say. it's rated t+ (older teen), so...yeah. haha.

inside the cabinet of wonder: hehe : ) thanks nicola. the sweater is really big & comfy. i got it thrifting a few weeks ago & i love it.

allison: thanks allison :] means a lot.

sarah~mechelle: ooo really?? the oto-na-ri one? or you're beautiful? tell me how you like it for sure!

the attic people: hello! thank you very much : )


  1. I am in love with this magazine! Well, in lust. We've only just met, you know. They need to ship to the US :(

    It seems as if you've been living the high life, being "published" and all, haha.

  2. Gah, that package just looks like it's filled to the brim with awesomeness! (For lack of a better word, haha...) I love the cute little bow and polka dots and such. :) The magazine sounds very neat, and that's especially neat that the letter got published!

  3. that's so sweet! Oh how I would adore having a pen pal/buddy, I've always always wanted one! I'm rather jealous :)

  4. That's so neat it's getting published! That package looks so cute. I'd love to have a pen pal to send cute things back and forth with. How did you two start that project?

  5. Nicola knows how to send a package! Smiles.
    Another will be on its way to you in a day or two.
    I watched oto-na-ri. Really enjoyed it. (On a side note, the flower shop she worked at was delightful)

  6. Ah! Love the pipe cleaner figure book!

  7. Omigosh, wow Nicola! Lina, that package is AMAZING I adore the little books :) So sweet she is, and that is super fantastically cool that she got into the mag! Awww, yes I love the sweater :P Ooh, well, I love scandalous so I shall get that one ;) Hehe.

  8. Lina!! You have been challenged: http://linda-lostinswitzerland.blogspot.com/2011/03/challenged.html