Monday, March 21, 2011

hairbows, diana, & manga

the party was really fun. we played our favorite board & card games. then we visited the used bookstore where i found exactly what i wanted! oishinbo & solanin. solanin has a japanese film that was based on the manga that i want to see soon, but i'm having trouble finding it with english subtitles...check out the trailer here. (in japanese!)
missa made me some handmade hair bows! aren't they so cute?? she is thinking about perhaps starting an etsy. i think she should! what do you think?? oh boy...these photos are pretty goofy looking. i laugh at myself when i look at them. but the bows look nice!! thanks missa!i'm hoping to go thrifting tonight...we shall see how the day goes though. i seem to have a lot of homework...even on spring break!! :/

one last thing! the dainty squid is having a giveaway of a DIANA MINI!!! it's so cute! it is called "love is in the air," isn't that adorable?? go & enter to win here.replies:

liz: hello! yes i have seen sunshine cleaning & i LOVE that movie. it's such a good one. my sister & i love love that movie : )

em [the writer]: it is : ) definitely check it out.

amy: ooo! i'll be sure to check out nana! thanks amy! & i'll also have to check out the comic it's based on. oh yes, i noticed emily's ballet part & wondered about if she did training for the role or what. she's such a good actor! i haven't seen any japanese dramas. they are probably good too!! i should check some out... mmm...i want boba again now. haha. & i'm going to look up these chinese pancakes now. yum sounds good. & thanks for being there for me, amy. i'll keep your offer in mind : )

dandelionkisses: yes you must. & then text me!

my-my: oh gooood! yes, & tell me how you like it! : ) so you watch korean shows too?? which ones have you seen? my mom is really into it too haha.

shelbyisms: thank you shelby : ) means a lot. haha. i wish i could take you to the asian mall : )


  1. That camera is so cute! I'm definitely gonna have to enter that giveaway. And those bows are adorable too, i love all that lace on the second one!

  2. Oh!! You look adorable!! The bows look lovely on you :) Love your sweater! She most definitely should open an Etsy!! I would love one of her bows :D I want to read those books, which one is best?

  3. LINA!!! these photos are so cute! the bows look super fab!!---just like your awesome jumper!!! LOVELOVEit!!!

  4. The bows look really cute on you.
    Sorry to hear about your brother, I am praying for God to comfort your family.

  5. Goofy photos of ones self are always good for a laugh!
    I'm watching that film you suggested, its good. Already I am starting to think the odds of getting adicted to them is high.

  6. Those bows are super cute! Especially with your jumper :-)
    I hope spring has arrived across the Atlantic... x

  7. I used to read manga all the time, but I sort of just stopped. You're making me want to find a good series and a cup of coffee :)

    Nana is so good! Check out the movie and the comic!!!
    Also, Hana Kimi is my favorite Japanese drama. There's a Korean version out there as well, but I liked the acting in the Japanese one better.

    Those bows are so cute! She should definitely open an Etsy!