Thursday, June 28, 2012

amazing afternoon

 two days ago, miguel & i took a little day trip to a cute little town about 45 minutes from my city. the main part of town was the town square with a park in the middle & little shops & restaurants surrounding the park. we started the day trip with lunch at one of my favorite mexican restaurants. i was super excited because my meal (a vegetarian, black bean stuffed tostada) was only $6.50 : )

 then we strolled along the town square, looking at the unique little shops. we even did a bit of cheese tasting at one shop! (lavender jack cheese is quite interesting). miguel was such a trooper & at the last shop he got sleepy on a chair. i snapped a quick photo :)
 while we were shopping we noticed people setting up awnings & tables in the park. we walked over to investigate & found that they were about to start the farmers market! i was so excited because i love farmers markets & fairs.

 miguel saw a lady selling flowers & immediately wanted to buy me some : ) 

i love the irises he chose : )

when we were first discovering the farmers market, miguel said that if they had donuts, that would be amazing & we would have to get some. sure enough (& surprisingly to me) they had a booth selling some! we both got a dozen & sat in the grass enjoying them : )

 we were acting goofy while waiting for our donuts to be done hehe.

 maple glaze & bacon for him
cinnamon & sugar for me
 it was such an amazing day & i loved every minute of it. i know there are a lot of photos in this post, but there was so much to share!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

little summer things

so far, summer is in full swing. i've been to the beach twice already & that's saying something as i don't think i went at all last summer. 

i had my last arts & crafts class a week or so ago, just in time for summer. wendy came as a guest crafter & taught how to make dreamcatchers. i'm still working on mine...just need to add the feathers!
 lately i've become obsessed with terrariums! i just placed five terrarium books on hold for me at the library & have been collecting glass containers that i can use to make some. i've also been inspired by these sights for terrarium making. i took a photo of these terrariums in the window of a book & film store in the city. i can't wait to make my own! perfect summer project.
 since my grandma passed away a year & a half ago, i've been going to the city & helping my mom & uncle gary pack up the house as it will be sold very soon. we stopped at this cute little coffee shop for lunch. i had an amazing falafel wrap & decaf coffee (i don't like caffeinated anything!).

 i participated in a summer book exchange & got an amazing package in the mail from dillon. he sent me a decorated bookshelf package (doesn't it look amazing?) along with the book room and "some tea to enjoy while you read!" cute right?? thanks dillon!

thanks for all of your nice comments on my last post. it feels good to make this blog my own by posting about my life, good or bad. miguel is coming to visit me today after my dentist appointment hehe : )

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

tu me manques

the last two weeks have been quite hard. i broke up with miguel two weeks ago because i couldn't see us working out in the future because of our religious differences. i am seventh-day adventist & he is catholic. it was a really difficult two weeks as we both still loved each other & i left miguel heartbroken. i felt terrible :( he wasn't expecting it at all. i made a mistake by not talking through things with him. i am finding that i am not good at making big decisions under pressure. through the the past two weeks we talked on & off & tried to make things work between us. i prayed a lot about us & miguel has such a big heart & was very patient with me while we talked things out, giving me time to understand myself better. this week we made the decision to get back together & i feel so unbelievably loved  by miguel & confident & content about the two of us. although we are still healing through the roughness of this, i also feel that we are growing even closer together. i love him & when he was away from me it was as if something was missing from me.

Monday, June 4, 2012

instagram 3

since moving back home, i have had a lot of opportunities hang with my mom. my mom loves gardening & so she spends her free time out in the backyard taking care of her plants. she loves to go plant shopping too! & i tagged along on her last plant buying expedition. i love these hanging succulent baskets! i'm thinking it would be really neat to make a terrarium one of these days. maybe like these or make a day of it like this.

another thing i like to do with my mom is go thrifting & vintage shopping! we love it. & we love doing it together. so, when i found out from lisa's blog that she would be selling her vintage clothes at a nearby antique fair, i knew that we had to go. i had been wanting to go to this particular antique fair for a while & lisa gave me just the excuse : ) it was great to meet another blogger! lisa was so sweet & friendly (as was her husband nate!). i bought a cute green vintage top from her booth :D
lately it seems i have been packing my overnight bag for quite a few mini trips (camping & visits to miguels), which is great (i love my overnight bag by the way!) : ) now that school is done for the summer, i've finally been able to sit down & read for pleasure. i decided to get back into reading extremely loud & incredibly close by jonathan safran foer.
 i'm off to visit miguel again tomorrow for our four months & i just like this photo of him.

the weather has been changing frequently it seems - hot one day & cold & breezy the next. i even hear it is supposed to rain today! even though, the first day of summer is later this month & i have been getting into the mood with lots of ice cream...! haha.
i hope everyone has a nice monday!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

birthday time & mini trips

 after moving back in with my parents for an undetermined amount of time, i get to see miguel a lot less as we live about an hour away from each other now :/ however, it gives me the excuse to make mini trips to visit him for a few days & for him to visit me : ) during one visit, we went bowling! i had so much fun (even though he won both games...!).
i went on a weekend camping trip with my family on memorial day weekend & found a cute little cabin made for kiddies. i didn't care though, becuase i love little things! i climbed right up into the little balcony : ) i took colette with me & she liked the cabin too hehe :D

 after eating at a chinese restaurant, i got a fortune that may be for the blogger family meet-up i will be going to in seattle in july! what do you all think? : )
miguel's birthday was last week & i spent four days with him. we had loads of fun together. i got him the most amazing birthday candle! & actually after watching an episode of glee the day after, i realized that they had the same candle on glee! haha. but anyways, here is miguel & his birthday candle! (i think it's funny how i am so loud...oh dear. haha. oh & i LOVE how excited & happy he looks : ))
 as part of his birthday surprise, we  went geocaching together! i made a team account through the official geocaching site & we used coordinates & gps to find a treasure that someone had hid. it was really quite exciting! i recommend it to anyone ready for an adventure in treasure hunting.

i've been really quite busy lately, trying to go through everything in my room & get rid of a bunch of stuff. i am planning to have a garage sale soon to sell everything. after moving back home, it is very hard to combine two collections of things together. so i am getting rid of things! i want to try to make my life a little simpler : )