Sunday, June 3, 2012

birthday time & mini trips

 after moving back in with my parents for an undetermined amount of time, i get to see miguel a lot less as we live about an hour away from each other now :/ however, it gives me the excuse to make mini trips to visit him for a few days & for him to visit me : ) during one visit, we went bowling! i had so much fun (even though he won both games...!).
i went on a weekend camping trip with my family on memorial day weekend & found a cute little cabin made for kiddies. i didn't care though, becuase i love little things! i climbed right up into the little balcony : ) i took colette with me & she liked the cabin too hehe :D

 after eating at a chinese restaurant, i got a fortune that may be for the blogger family meet-up i will be going to in seattle in july! what do you all think? : )
miguel's birthday was last week & i spent four days with him. we had loads of fun together. i got him the most amazing birthday candle! & actually after watching an episode of glee the day after, i realized that they had the same candle on glee! haha. but anyways, here is miguel & his birthday candle! (i think it's funny how i am so loud...oh dear. haha. oh & i LOVE how excited & happy he looks : ))
 as part of his birthday surprise, we  went geocaching together! i made a team account through the official geocaching site & we used coordinates & gps to find a treasure that someone had hid. it was really quite exciting! i recommend it to anyone ready for an adventure in treasure hunting.

i've been really quite busy lately, trying to go through everything in my room & get rid of a bunch of stuff. i am planning to have a garage sale soon to sell everything. after moving back home, it is very hard to combine two collections of things together. so i am getting rid of things! i want to try to make my life a little simpler : )


  1. Aww, that video was so cute! He seems like such a great guy. Happy birthday to him! :)

    Good luck with going through everything in your room! I know it's difficult and I am to attempt to do the same. I want a clutter-free space to come back to during the holidays. Not sure I can live a minimalist life style, (too many things inspire me for art projects!) but I will sure try.

    1. hehe yes i love the video! & he definitely is : ) thanks lizzie!
      yes! it is difficult. i get overwhelmed often. & although a minimalist life style would probably be ideal, i know there is now way that i could go that far! hehe. i'm on your same page with inspiration!

  2. SO CUTE.

    Also, that geochaching thing sounds fun!

    1. it IS fun! you should definitely try it out : )

    I feel like such a bad friend. Oh it looks like you are having so much fun! such wonderful photos, and yay for mini trips!
    That fortune is brilliant.
    I hope Miguel had a lovely birthday.
    Also that candle by the way, freaking awesome!!! :D
    Also, that treasure hunt idea! amazing! :D:D:D

    1. awww : ) this comment made me really happy & smiley! thanks nicola! we are gonna have some mini trips of our own really soon!!