Saturday, July 21, 2012


so....i am just waiting for tomorrow to come so i can go pick up nicola from the airport! & then we can go to the renegade craft fair : ) i have quite a few fun things planned for the two weeks she will be visiting. i mean, i don't know if it will compare to where we went when i visited her just six months ago...

but we will be traveling together to seattle for a few days for a blogger meet-up! it has officially been named the seattle trip of dreams & wonder. i think it's a cute name. there we will meet a group of amazing bloggers who i call my friends. super stoked for it : )

i will leave you with a few odds & ends:
1. i watched this film, sidewalls, on netflix when i went on a small trip with my family. it's quite lovely i thought (minus a few uncomfortable to watch scenes...) still, it's cute : )

2. i think these alpacas are adorable. i really want one! i guess they are called arpakasso. i don't know too much about them but that they are prizes in the claw-arm games in asia. i'm going to look into getting one for myself...hehe i just love cutesy things like this.
3. i really want to get polkaros' new zine japon! i've been waiting about a year for her to come out with more of them. 
4. i'm eating leftover thai food on my bed as i type this & mind is busy thinking of all the fun times that are ahead :D

Thursday, July 19, 2012

jelly belly

miguel took me to breakfast last week to start off our mini day of adventures! we went to the jelly belly factory & wore our tour hats with pride. haha. it was fun getting free samples & we both got a few extra sweets too.
we went back to his place for the night & the next day we baked beer bread! it was a boxed mix souvenir i got him from my family vacation trip. it turned out good! i liked how sweet it was. he also started another batch of his jerky! i think he might sell some because everyone likes it & people are interested in buying some from him : ) i'm excited...!!

he is coming to visit me today :D he will pick me up from work & i can't wait!!
oh! & i've been working at the fair again this summer. i display all the art & crafts that are entered & clerk for the judges. it's really a fun job.
by the way, nicola is coming on sunday, all the way from england!!! i can't wait! haha. i have some fun things planned & i hope she has a blast. then it is off to seattle for the blog meet-up!
supper, supper exciting stuff coming up: miguel, nicola, & seattle!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

family vacation

my family made the long road trip to move my sister, raquel, in with her boyfriend. i actually drove for two hours of the trip (a big deal for me!!). my parents drove the uhaul truck & my sister & i drove her new car. raquel even got a new look with cute bangs! i love this photo of her in the vintage shirt i bought her last year : )
we stayed at the most amazing hotel i probably ever stayed at. it was so beautiful! i felt like i was in europe or something : )

the hotel had five restaurants & the served amazing & beautiful food.
it even had a little cupcake shop! i don't like cupcakes, but these were just too cute to pass up...!

i bought miguel some goodies :D
right outside our hotel, there was a farmers market saturday morning. they had the most beautiful & great tasting berries.

we spent one afternoon at the beach. my papi (who use to be a boxer) felt right at home : )

we went vintage shopping & found this beautiful vintage quilt for picnics & beach lounging. i love the colors.

Monday, July 2, 2012

instagram 4

i just came back from a long weekend of visiting : ) i went to visit wendy! in her big city, the clouds were very beautiful. wendy works at pier one & gets a nice discount there. so i took a look at what they had there & found a great looking basket for $8 for the rolls of paper i have in my room. i love it :D

we stopped at whole foods & grabbed lunch. i've never had honest tea before, but it was so good! i had the black forest berry tea. quite tasty!

on my way home from the weekend with wendy, i made a spontaneous visit to miguel. pool swimming, call of duty playing, and curly fry eating ensued. i came back this morning via train & have been helping my sister pack as she is moving in with her boyfriend & will be 8 hours away from me on the fourth :( but it will just be an excuse for me to go traveling more!