Tuesday, July 17, 2012

family vacation

my family made the long road trip to move my sister, raquel, in with her boyfriend. i actually drove for two hours of the trip (a big deal for me!!). my parents drove the uhaul truck & my sister & i drove her new car. raquel even got a new look with cute bangs! i love this photo of her in the vintage shirt i bought her last year : )
we stayed at the most amazing hotel i probably ever stayed at. it was so beautiful! i felt like i was in europe or something : )

the hotel had five restaurants & the served amazing & beautiful food.
it even had a little cupcake shop! i don't like cupcakes, but these were just too cute to pass up...!

i bought miguel some goodies :D
right outside our hotel, there was a farmers market saturday morning. they had the most beautiful & great tasting berries.

we spent one afternoon at the beach. my papi (who use to be a boxer) felt right at home : )

we went vintage shopping & found this beautiful vintage quilt for picnics & beach lounging. i love the colors.


  1. Your family seems so lovely! I kinda want to go on a vacation with you all now, haha.

    It's strange, I'm not the hugest fan of cupcakes either but whenever they're decorated cute I find it hard to pass up!

    Congrats on your sister moving!

  2. That hotel is so fantastic looking. It does remind me of Europe. And the food looks lovely as well. Those berries look amazing and so vibrantly colorful. I'm not a huge cake/cupcake fan unless the icing is really really good. I'm glad you had a fun family road trip. :)

  3. I am so excited to meet your family! :)
    See you soon!