Thursday, July 19, 2012

jelly belly

miguel took me to breakfast last week to start off our mini day of adventures! we went to the jelly belly factory & wore our tour hats with pride. haha. it was fun getting free samples & we both got a few extra sweets too.
we went back to his place for the night & the next day we baked beer bread! it was a boxed mix souvenir i got him from my family vacation trip. it turned out good! i liked how sweet it was. he also started another batch of his jerky! i think he might sell some because everyone likes it & people are interested in buying some from him : ) i'm excited...!!

he is coming to visit me today :D he will pick me up from work & i can't wait!!
oh! & i've been working at the fair again this summer. i display all the art & crafts that are entered & clerk for the judges. it's really a fun job.
by the way, nicola is coming on sunday, all the way from england!!! i can't wait! haha. i have some fun things planned & i hope she has a blast. then it is off to seattle for the blog meet-up!
supper, supper exciting stuff coming up: miguel, nicola, & seattle!


  1. Eeee! So much excitement! Can't wait to meet you and Nicola on Thursday!

    What a fun date. I love candy factories. We have a local chocolate factory here that I've visited a few times and it's always so much fun.

  2. You guys look so cute with jelly belly factory hats!!!
    Hope you have a good weekend with him!