Friday, April 30, 2010


i made a smoothie for lunch today. strawberries, blueberries, carrots, grapes, wheat germ, flax seed, & soy milk. it turned out pretty tasty. i'm watching sixteen candles at the moment. i forgot how fun that movie is! i love all of the 80s brat pack movies : )more art exchange packages came in the mail! fantastic art from renee anne & pretty photos & a felted carrot pin from just b. thank you both : ) i'll leave you with a few more photos from my weekend with my sister. these are from an earth day party we went to at scripps college (the campus is beautiful!). we painted pots & planted herbs in them. great fun!replies:

kittycat: oh thank you! you make us blush : ) & i was so surprised when i saw she made the bunting because arts & crafts things aren't really her thing. that made it mean a lot : )

amy: it was amazing! & the exhibit was really cool. i would definitely recommend it if you're ever in the area.

dandelionkisses: oh wendy! we are lucky to be related to you!! i know! i think it's longer than mine now! ah! you don't like my fawn!? lol.

mandy: how nice! you are luck to be able to see him that many times. & you must post more of your large scale paintings : )

inside the cabinet of wonder: i love the photos of us too. when sammy was taking them we couldn't stop laughing & he just kept clicking away, but finally we had a serious one : ) you would really like the museum! & fawns! hehe (don't worry about not finding any!).

shelbyisms.: thanks : ) i was thinking of collecting owls, but fawns won over. i was also thinking about collecting matchboxes! you should definitely start collecting something fun : )

cookie cutter: curry is sooo good! seeing her was definitely needed.

rachel / red lips vintage: aww : ) why thank you hun. & i'm so glad you like the music!

thenextarrow (alison): hello! thank you : ) have yourself a great weekend too!

brit: hehe. it was too fun : ) it's so funny because we hear that we look a lot alike, but my sister is certain that we don't look anything alike. silly us : )

{ thy lady }: hehe it does grow on you doesn't it? he's quite at home with my other fawns.

hearblack: oh great! i'm excited for you two to try it. hope it goes well!

parisa mahmoudi: hello! oh yes, you simply must!

Monday, April 26, 2010

visiting raquel

in case you can't read the bunting, it says: "WELCOME ANGELINA"
my sister made it with her friends for me & hung it right above the bed she made for me in her dorm room. it was one of the first things i saw when i arrived & i loved it so much. thanks raquel : )
these two above photos taken by sammy.
i 'm so happy to be visiting my sister! i have not seen her since the first weekend of this year. too long for me!

she had the whole weekend planned with fun. she took me to a photography museum. i loved the work by mirjam droege & the collection of old cameras.
she took me antiquing & i found this little guy for my fawn collection. at first i thought he looked a little ugly... but he grew on me : )
i got to meet up with one of my favorite persons, abbie, for some time as well. she went with me, raquel, & sammy to unique la.

unique la was amazing! so many booths of crafts, clothes, jewelry, & much more. there was free drinks, free crafting workshops, & free tote bags that we could fill with all kinds of swag, including a t-shirt : ) i bought two zines: arts & crafts revolution vol. 2 by terri anderson ($4) & stolen sharpie revolution: a diy zine resource 3rd ed. by alex wrekk ($5). i just started reading them & i already love them both.

& a weekend of photos by lina is not complete with out some food photos! we found this really good indian food restaurant. i love my indian food : ) i leave tonight to fly home. it's been a good weekend, but now it's time for the last two/three weeks of my bachelor degree/college career. i think i'm going to go crazy with the amount of projects, papers, & finals i will have to do & turn in soon. aaaahhhh.


brit, dandelionkisses, & mike: for the bread on a stick - all i used was some pre-made biscuit dough you get packaged in the refrigerated section of grocery stores. i rolled it into a long line & then twisted it around a stick. then just held it over a hot campfire & rotated it so it would cook on all sides. it's super easy!

elizabeth johnson: hello! i had never heard of it before either! but it was part of a requirement for the youth group to earn a honor patch : )

dandelionkisses: hehe travel cover! i like it. yeah, the hike was so crazy.

-alaina: yes, i definitely love camping for being in nature. i'm off to check out your to do list right after i finish this post : )

brit: thanks brit : ) it's hard keeping this blog up to date with all of the mini trips i've been going on lately!

amy: it was super! thanks amy : )

inna: woah! how cool! thanks for sharing that. i love little infos like that. thanks a bunch :o)

mike: hello! yup! i hope you gave the photo credit & i would appreciate a simple asking next time :] i'm glad people like the idea.

sarah: woah awesome! it seems there are many different versions of bread-on-a-stick around the world : ) climbing mont royal must have been a huge adventure!

hat: hehe. its so quirky!

allison: it makes me feel like i actually do & complete big things!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

camping photos

camping was real fun! it was so pretty were we camped. i hope you enjoy a few of the photos i took. we went hiking on saturday. i don't exercise very much so it was kind of a big deal. i hiked 7 steep miles. many times along the way i felt like i wasn't going to make it, but i kept at it. my legs were burning, i was out of breath, & really tired. but i made it to the top! it was such an exhilarating feeling. i felt like i could do anything after that hike.the view from the top of the mountain.we baked bread on a stick in the campfire : ) it was so cool & yummy!

now i'm of to la to visit my sister until monday! i'm leaving tomorrow & i can't wait! i'm planning to go to la unique.


everyone: thanks for all of your well wishes! i had great camping trip : )

Friday, April 16, 2010

camping weekend

i'm leaving today to go camping for the weekend. i'm going with a youth group that i am a volunteer staff for. should be nice & i'm pretty excited to get away for the weekend. & i'm bringing my blackbird, fly! i'll be back posting with photos soon : ) hope you all have a happy weekend!
for photo sorce, click photo
linda: oh good! & then you can do a review of it on your blog : )
micaela: thanks for the suggestion! i'll order it from the library next.
kittycat: yes, you do! i think it's really quite brilliant. let me know how you like it!
amy: hehe, yes i've noticed. do watch it!
melly: seriously! me too! i'm so glad i found out about it : )
dandelionkisses: yes you would! paris & all : ) still sick?! oh my. about the letter....haha. i'll get it out soon! oh wendy! haha you are so silly, "someone who will be happy to see you there" lol.
rachel / red lips vintage: oh thanks for the two suggestions. i'll try to try them both soon. & yeah, i'm all for less processed food too. portland! exciting : )
brit: oh good!! i'm so glad it's the one you've been looking for!! you are very very welcome. & yes, definitely next time! we would have to plan ahead : ) i'll check out your tag soon!
danica: oh yes! thank you thank you! perfect recommendation.
renee anne: hello! thanks : ) i have been getting some good mail! & thanks again for yours : )

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

broken english

ok, so i went to the library to pick up a few movies yesterday & i decided to get this movie, broken english, that was recently suggested by danica. i absolutely loved it. it's a beautiful story of finding love. it's partly in paris & i love norah's (the main character) outfits. i definitely recommend it.

amy: oh good! isn't it so interesting? i'm not finished reading it yet though... yeah, i'm not sure why it's called golden rabbit. it's the same as white rabbit..
dandelionkisses: hehe. i knew you would like it. i'm sending your letter soon!! i wrote to you the day you left, but i haven't been by the post office to mail it yet...
kittycat: it was : )
cookie cutter: yeah i guess it is pretty nostalgic, isn't it? i've never thought of it that way before : )
jane: most definitely!
danica: it is a great idea! i was asked to participate in it a while back & now i am getting art in the mail almost every day!
rachel / red lips vintage: hello! it was super good. i love experimenting with garbanzo beans & new ideas.
allison: : ) i think you should see the above movie, if you haven't already. i think you would like it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

packages of art

i had this fresh sandwhich for lunch today. sprouts, avocado, & mashed garbanzo beans on whole wheat tuscan pane. made my tummy happy : )

i got a few packages in the mail today! the first one is from my sister. she spent spring break in hawaii & she brought back some things to send to me. she gave me golden (white) rabbit candy & a set of art papers made by children in an art school. they're really quite cute : ) thank you raquel. i love it.
i'm participating in an art exchange with a few bloggers & today i received my first piece of art! it was from jane. she sent me a "little booklet of girly characters" & one of her famous stickers, a boy. i love it! thank you so much jane.
the last thing i got in the mail today was dawn's super speedy three-day sydney zine. it's so neat & creative! the first time i saw it on her blog i knew i had to get one. you should really check it out : ) thanks for being so creative dawn!
hearblack: : ) you are very welcome! thanks for trading with me.
inna: yes it is! the person who took it does a lot of work with polaroids.
amy: oh do buy the book! it's really fun.
dandelionkisses: ohhh. haha. yes, it's pretty good! the movie & the book.
linda: : ) thanks for reading.
aren: hello! yes i love lola, but i haven't bought it yet becaues it's a bit expensive for me. haha don't worry, i understand, not creepy : ) i like to pay attention to the good things in my life, because there is always a fair share of unhappy things.
sarah: oh really? haha. wow! i think i know a few people who like peonies here : ) & a ghost hunter are you? hehe. fun for you!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

twenty questions

i'm feeling much better! thanks for all of the well wishes! i didn't get too sick. resting definitely did me good. i ended up watching bright young things. i really enjoyed it! i was fascinated with the way they dressed & talked. (it's set in 1930s england.)

i'm hopefully going to plant some onion bulbs i got a while back. i'm a bit excited because i love onions & if they grow well, i'll have onions whenever i want them! hehe.

i just bought this book called snoop at barnes & noble for $4.98. it's a really neat book that tells what the stuff people own says about them.

cute song to check out.

wendy tagged me to answer these twenty questions. it was fun to answer them : )

1.What can't you leave the house without?
pretty much my purse with my cell, wallet, & moleskine.

2. Favourite makeup brand.
ummm i don't really wear makeup...but do let me know your favorites!

3. Favourite flower?

4. Favourite clothing store?
this one is thrift stores count?
probably urban outfitters, h&m, or anthropologie.

5. Favourite perfume?
well, i think i have new favorites: lola by marc jacobs & lollia breath
but i do like burberry london & princess by vera wang.

6. Heels or flats?
flats! i actually don't like to wear heels really. & plus i'm pretty tall, so i don't really need the extra height!

7.Do you make good grades?

8. Favourite colours?
i've liked green & pink for so long, i don't really know what that means anymore.

9. Do you drink energy drinks?
nope. i tried a sip once or twice & hated it each time.

10. Do you drink juice?
no not really. but occasionally i'll have some cranberry or grapefruit juice for breakfast at a restaurant.

11. Do you like swimming?
definitely love swimming.

12. Do you eat fries with a fork? you?

13. Favourite moisturiser?
i don't think i have one. suggestions?

14. Do you want to get married?

15. Do you get mad easy?

16. Are you into ghost hunting?
um no.

17. Any phobias?
i hate public speaking & when all attention is on me. also i'm scared of heights.

18. Do you bite your nails?

19. Have you ever had a near death experience?
umm....not really.

20. Do you drink coffee?
i love coffee, but i only drink it once in a while.

now i would like to tag nicola, brit, amy, & raquel.
hope you have fun answering!


dandelionkisses: you hated into the wild?? why? it was really good!
inside the cabinet of wonder: oh nicola! it was a wonderful movie! i originaly got it because of james mcavoy. briliant film.
robyn: hello! i think maybe it's to keep some special moments to ourselves & not share with anyone : ) i think it's a good thing.
amy: thanks amy. i'm feeling better already : ) oh & a polaroid at uo?? woa. too bad about it's missing parts...
cookie cutter: yes! it's probably the most played soundtrack i have. i listen to it regularly when i clean the house : )
maria: hehe. it was so good!
teresa: hello! thanks. we both always wanted to try to make a fort. we felt like little kids : )
micaela: aww. thanks! i really like how my creation turned out too. i think i want to try to make more tote bags!
with love, jamie: it is pretty girly isn't it? we should have had a tea party in it or something!
mieke willems: : )
chris w.: yummy for sure.
magnoliaamber: hello! awe thank you : )
pauline: hehe. the crowns were left over from my sister's birthday. i thought it would give a where the wild things are feel.
jennifer: woa! your forts sound amazing! sipping tea is a perfect idea.
brit: yes, dreamy! aw they do look dreamy.
dhu: oh you simply must make a fort over break. perfect idea : )

Sunday, April 4, 2010

ahh silly us

wendy left today to go home. we had a fun & eventful week with lots of shopping, food, & laughs. i have a lot of photos & things to post about the week (although i haven't decided if i still will post about it....)

i hope everyone had a nice easter & shared some family time. at the moment i'm feeling a bit like i may be getting sick, so i'm spending the rest of the evening in bed, sipping some tea & watching a movie. i'm trying to decide between into the wild, 500 days of summer, twilight or a movie i got from the library called bright young things. i think i'm leaning towards the last one. tomorrow is my last day of spring break & then it's back to school on tuesday. i don't think i'm ready yet!

thanks for all of the comments on the fort! i will get back to replying regularly soon!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

we made a fort

wendy & i had a lot of fun in our fort. i think it turned out nicely!
(all photos credit to wendy)

brit: i know! i always go straight to the clearance section first! & too bad about not being able to take the bowls with you :/
melly: hello! i still can't believe how good of a price it was. i love the way the little hows make me feel girly : )
inside the cabinet of wonder: oh really?! oh good. because i love the letter tape you add on some things you send me & i wanted to get one for myself! hehe. i knew you would like those shape plates (actually bowls! : ))!
yellowblue: hello! they are both some of my favorite food for sure!
raquel: yup!! we found a new place in american canyon. the owners know the owners of stara : ) but to be honest, stara is way better. but we can check it out next time you come home!