Wednesday, April 7, 2010

twenty questions

i'm feeling much better! thanks for all of the well wishes! i didn't get too sick. resting definitely did me good. i ended up watching bright young things. i really enjoyed it! i was fascinated with the way they dressed & talked. (it's set in 1930s england.)

i'm hopefully going to plant some onion bulbs i got a while back. i'm a bit excited because i love onions & if they grow well, i'll have onions whenever i want them! hehe.

i just bought this book called snoop at barnes & noble for $4.98. it's a really neat book that tells what the stuff people own says about them.

cute song to check out.

wendy tagged me to answer these twenty questions. it was fun to answer them : )

1.What can't you leave the house without?
pretty much my purse with my cell, wallet, & moleskine.

2. Favourite makeup brand.
ummm i don't really wear makeup...but do let me know your favorites!

3. Favourite flower?

4. Favourite clothing store?
this one is thrift stores count?
probably urban outfitters, h&m, or anthropologie.

5. Favourite perfume?
well, i think i have new favorites: lola by marc jacobs & lollia breath
but i do like burberry london & princess by vera wang.

6. Heels or flats?
flats! i actually don't like to wear heels really. & plus i'm pretty tall, so i don't really need the extra height!

7.Do you make good grades?

8. Favourite colours?
i've liked green & pink for so long, i don't really know what that means anymore.

9. Do you drink energy drinks?
nope. i tried a sip once or twice & hated it each time.

10. Do you drink juice?
no not really. but occasionally i'll have some cranberry or grapefruit juice for breakfast at a restaurant.

11. Do you like swimming?
definitely love swimming.

12. Do you eat fries with a fork? you?

13. Favourite moisturiser?
i don't think i have one. suggestions?

14. Do you want to get married?

15. Do you get mad easy?

16. Are you into ghost hunting?
um no.

17. Any phobias?
i hate public speaking & when all attention is on me. also i'm scared of heights.

18. Do you bite your nails?

19. Have you ever had a near death experience?
umm....not really.

20. Do you drink coffee?
i love coffee, but i only drink it once in a while.

now i would like to tag nicola, brit, amy, & raquel.
hope you have fun answering!


dandelionkisses: you hated into the wild?? why? it was really good!
inside the cabinet of wonder: oh nicola! it was a wonderful movie! i originaly got it because of james mcavoy. briliant film.
robyn: hello! i think maybe it's to keep some special moments to ourselves & not share with anyone : ) i think it's a good thing.
amy: thanks amy. i'm feeling better already : ) oh & a polaroid at uo?? woa. too bad about it's missing parts...
cookie cutter: yes! it's probably the most played soundtrack i have. i listen to it regularly when i clean the house : )
maria: hehe. it was so good!
teresa: hello! thanks. we both always wanted to try to make a fort. we felt like little kids : )
micaela: aww. thanks! i really like how my creation turned out too. i think i want to try to make more tote bags!
with love, jamie: it is pretty girly isn't it? we should have had a tea party in it or something!
mieke willems: : )
chris w.: yummy for sure.
magnoliaamber: hello! awe thank you : )
pauline: hehe. the crowns were left over from my sister's birthday. i thought it would give a where the wild things are feel.
jennifer: woa! your forts sound amazing! sipping tea is a perfect idea.
brit: yes, dreamy! aw they do look dreamy.
dhu: oh you simply must make a fort over break. perfect idea : )


  1. you're the best - thanks again for the snail mail surprise

  2. that photo is so very beautiful!
    oh, and it was so nice to read those twenty answers!

  3. mmm. i want a vegetable garden quite badly, but it really is hard to get things to grow here.
    that book sounds interesting. i might just pick it up on my next b&n trip.
    fun! i'll do the tag in my next post :)

  4. Yes I hated Into the Wild! It was so depressing and pointless, ugh. Aw I like your answers :) And I love movies set in the 30's I want to see that. That book sounds super interesting, I want to find things out about myself.

  5. Lovely to get to know you better =)))

  6. I like Lola and I usually don't enjoy floral scented perfume. I also like Burberry, it's really warm smelling.

    And I want to live in the world you live in (wow, that sounds creepy). But really, it sounds beautiful and seems so much nicer than the one I’m slaving away in.

  7. You like peonies? The first person I know to like them. :D Well maybe cause you don't really see them here in Singapore.

    and I'm into ghost hunter! hehe.