Tuesday, April 13, 2010

broken english

ok, so i went to the library to pick up a few movies yesterday & i decided to get this movie, broken english, that was recently suggested by danica. i absolutely loved it. it's a beautiful story of finding love. it's partly in paris & i love norah's (the main character) outfits. i definitely recommend it.

amy: oh good! isn't it so interesting? i'm not finished reading it yet though... yeah, i'm not sure why it's called golden rabbit. it's the same as white rabbit..
dandelionkisses: hehe. i knew you would like it. i'm sending your letter soon!! i wrote to you the day you left, but i haven't been by the post office to mail it yet...
kittycat: it was : )
cookie cutter: yeah i guess it is pretty nostalgic, isn't it? i've never thought of it that way before : )
jane: most definitely!
danica: it is a great idea! i was asked to participate in it a while back & now i am getting art in the mail almost every day!
rachel / red lips vintage: hello! it was super good. i love experimenting with garbanzo beans & new ideas.
allison: : ) i think you should see the above movie, if you haven't already. i think you would like it.


  1. Oh yay!!!! Will hurry to get a hold of this one! Thanks for posting..... xox

  2. it's a great watch and parker posey is just beautiful.

    you should try "my life without me" sometime. if you do, let me know what you think!

  3. i NEED to watch this!! i think i would love it

  4. Yay! A Movie to watch! Haha I'm on a bit of a movie binge at the moment.

  5. Hands down, Broken English is one of my most favourite movies in the whole world wide. Funny thing was, I didn't think much of it or rather wasn't expecting much out of it, at the time when I decided to put it on on my computer. Next thing I knew, I wanted to be Parker Posey and live in NYC and fall in love with a French man!

  6. Oooh it sounds like a movie I'd like. Maybe I'll get it since I have nothing else to do as I'm STILL sick....*Sigh* Yay letter!

  7. daiya is pretty darn good! they just started carrying it at whole foods and my boy is smitten. i'm not too keen on faux cheese but teese and daiya are the best that i've had so far...though i prefer to use cashews as a cheese substitute when i can, in order to eat less processed food.

    aaaand i'm moving to portland!


  8. Ooh you do?
    I know someone who will be happy to see you there ;)
    And yes you can get it on a gift card to keep however long.

  9. I was looking for that movie!!! I saw the trailer a long time ago and started looking for it recently but couldn't remember the name... My search terms were: woman, Paris and love. As you can guess... didn't work. THANK YOU!

    We ended up doing a short trip to SF, but didn't have a whole lot of time. Maybe next time. I have family there so I will be going again someday.

    Thanks for the tag! I just got done doing it... :) I had fun answering those questions!

  10. yay! i'm so pleased that you enjoyed it, lina :)

  11. Yes, I should see it.