Sunday, April 4, 2010

ahh silly us

wendy left today to go home. we had a fun & eventful week with lots of shopping, food, & laughs. i have a lot of photos & things to post about the week (although i haven't decided if i still will post about it....)

i hope everyone had a nice easter & shared some family time. at the moment i'm feeling a bit like i may be getting sick, so i'm spending the rest of the evening in bed, sipping some tea & watching a movie. i'm trying to decide between into the wild, 500 days of summer, twilight or a movie i got from the library called bright young things. i think i'm leaning towards the last one. tomorrow is my last day of spring break & then it's back to school on tuesday. i don't think i'm ready yet!

thanks for all of the comments on the fort! i will get back to replying regularly soon!


  1. Oh no! Sick? How awful. I'm sorry. Definitely the last movie, I hated into the wild!

  2. ooh lina! feel better soon!
    bright young things is one of my all time top favorite movies, please watch it and tell me what you think!! i love everyone in the film, plus its a wonderful film. :D xx

  3. My dearest friend just left from her Easter visit. I didn't share any of the pics from our adventures on the blog either.... I'm not sure why.

  4. :( being sick is never any fun. i've had a big for a week now. i hope yours doesn't last that long!

  5. Get well soon, ya? I love the soundtrack from 500 Days of Summer!