Friday, April 30, 2010


i made a smoothie for lunch today. strawberries, blueberries, carrots, grapes, wheat germ, flax seed, & soy milk. it turned out pretty tasty. i'm watching sixteen candles at the moment. i forgot how fun that movie is! i love all of the 80s brat pack movies : )more art exchange packages came in the mail! fantastic art from renee anne & pretty photos & a felted carrot pin from just b. thank you both : ) i'll leave you with a few more photos from my weekend with my sister. these are from an earth day party we went to at scripps college (the campus is beautiful!). we painted pots & planted herbs in them. great fun!replies:

kittycat: oh thank you! you make us blush : ) & i was so surprised when i saw she made the bunting because arts & crafts things aren't really her thing. that made it mean a lot : )

amy: it was amazing! & the exhibit was really cool. i would definitely recommend it if you're ever in the area.

dandelionkisses: oh wendy! we are lucky to be related to you!! i know! i think it's longer than mine now! ah! you don't like my fawn!? lol.

mandy: how nice! you are luck to be able to see him that many times. & you must post more of your large scale paintings : )

inside the cabinet of wonder: i love the photos of us too. when sammy was taking them we couldn't stop laughing & he just kept clicking away, but finally we had a serious one : ) you would really like the museum! & fawns! hehe (don't worry about not finding any!).

shelbyisms.: thanks : ) i was thinking of collecting owls, but fawns won over. i was also thinking about collecting matchboxes! you should definitely start collecting something fun : )

cookie cutter: curry is sooo good! seeing her was definitely needed.

rachel / red lips vintage: aww : ) why thank you hun. & i'm so glad you like the music!

thenextarrow (alison): hello! thank you : ) have yourself a great weekend too!

brit: hehe. it was too fun : ) it's so funny because we hear that we look a lot alike, but my sister is certain that we don't look anything alike. silly us : )

{ thy lady }: hehe it does grow on you doesn't it? he's quite at home with my other fawns.

hearblack: oh great! i'm excited for you two to try it. hope it goes well!

parisa mahmoudi: hello! oh yes, you simply must!


  1. That smoothie is the prettiest color!

  2. I love those movies too. Aw cute pictures, fun Earth Day! Great goodies. Yes your fawn should burn, lol jk. :P

  3. I want to send you some mail someday. (:

  4. Love the color of that smoothie as well. Looks perfect.
    And the Earth Day pots look cute. Are you using them for plants?

  5. Hey! I'm glad you like what I sent you for the art exchange, i was scared that you wouldn't...
    And that smoothie looks gorgeous!

  6. heh, the colour of the smoothie turned out looking so fun! I do love wheat germ, yum.

    also, the card with the skull on it is subercool.

  7. Oh how I love all the movies with the "brat pack". Those movies go with any mood I'm in... Interesting smoothie! Very funky color!

  8. That smoothie looks REALLY, REALLY, good. My mouth is watering.

  9. Oooh lovely stuff there from the Art Exchange! Would love to be involved in one myself.

  10. Oh wow that smoothie sounds interesting! I love anything with soy in it ^^

    that movie is so old school, I'd love to watch it again! I haven't seen it in years & years :)

    Lovely packages from the art swap! I can't wait to start receiving some in the mail soon I hope! :)

    Those clay pots are super cute & you all always seem to have so much fun together it's so lovely! :)

    I love how close you & your little sister are! x

  11. Very inspiring pictures - lovely blog.

  12. hello there! yes I love mail! As you already know :) What awesome treats you have!

    I hope all is well with you! :)

  13. I collect gnomes! And YOU LOOK LIKE YOU'RE HAVING SO MUCH FUN! Man. Earth Day. GOOD FOR YOU!